Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ground School...Flight Planning 101

Monday night, yes that's right, going to a lesson at night. What a switch for me! I scheduled a 7:30 pm lesson to cover flight planning. I have been working through problems in the "Cleared for take off" manual but the real thing was much more fun!

Bill went through each step and we plotted a course from N99 to ESN, Easton, MD. Together we marked out checkpoints, discussed the 1-800-WX-BRIEF and filled every form out to completion. I felt pretty confident when we finally ended the session. I am scheduled for Thursday the 26th but it looks like high winds will prevent the lesson (short and soft field landings).

Since my lesson was canceled I worked on plotting out a flight from N99 to THV York, PA., followed by a short hop to LNS, Lancaster, PA., and then back home to N99. I have one question I need to ask Bill and that is if I apply the isogonic line correction to all flight paths or just the north south. I thought it was all flights so that's how I will plan.

Mary has a medical procedure scheduled for this Friday, the 27th, so I will be off work. I may call and schedule some solo pattern work if the wx and winds are looking good. I'll call Friday morning and then again in the afternoon.

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