Saturday, January 07, 2006

On to Cross Country....

Passed on supervised Solo here today, to windy.

We decided to start XC work and headed out to Reading. Nice trip, I followed RT 100 north to the PA turnpike then west until over Morgantown. I called reading approach with the correct info; "reading approach, 2746C, Cessna 172, 3000, inbound for landing with "M"ike" Reading gave me a squawk code and then as I got closer turned me over to reading tower. I called "reading tower, 2746C with you" The tower gave me an advisory and directed me to report final for runway 31. I acknowledged "report final r/w 31 2746C". After reporting final I was cleared to land but my read back went like this...."cleared to land 2746C" I forgot to add r/w 31. On landing I flared a bit high but set it down for an ok landing. Taxied back to 31 and requested advisory for VFR back to Brandywine. I was holding short for traffic,then departing when cleared and again read back "cleared for take off 2746C" and not noting r/w 31.

When switched to Departure I called in and when I was to respond, I drew a blank....DUhhhhhhh.....still thinking about not reading the complete info back on take off. The flight following went well and acknowledged looking for aircraft that I was alerted to.When service was terminated I switched back over to N99. The rest of the flight went well tracking the 160 radial for the Modena VOR then turning to the 54* radial for a 6 mile 45* for downwind 27. It was fun getting back home and landing knowing how much fun the XC work will be. Oh, my landing at N99 (home) a bit fast, a short skip and set down was ok from there. I was relieved to call down and clear the active.

I need to get back on Comm 1 and work on my radio work. Bill said for the most part my radio work was very good (except for the departure brain fart). I didn't feel really bad since I heard some other guy call the tower direct only to get switched to Approach for sequencing to land. I am up again Tuesday morning 8am for supervised solo. At that point I should be cleared to go this weekend with out the CFI sitting out at the terminal watching.

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