Monday, April 17, 2006

Passed the Written........

Well after a long weekend with family and a sciatic nerve that had me squirming everytime I sat, laid down or walked, I decided to take the written. I woke up this morning pain free so I thought that was a sign to get my butt going I had no excuse to put it off any longer. Off I went with average test score on Sporty's and Gleim bouncing between 78 and 95 percent. I figured what the heck, I hate tests but I have to do this. Mary reminded me about how well I do in night school and said I would do fine.

I had all my papers and log book in order and cleared away everything but the pencils, paper and diagrams the school provided. I already felt tense! I started rolling through the questions and was up to 35 in no time at all. I thought, could this be? It's seems pretty good, then I hit a mental snag, the CG chart that I was having problems with since I always forgot the formula. I worked through the weights no problem and then drew a blank....duh. I marked that question then came back. I completed all the questions with an hour and fifteen mintes to spare and decided to do the unthinkable. Yes, the guy who ALWAYS preaches do not cahnge your gut answer....went back and changed three or four and of course changed them wrong.

With my test completed and passed I scheduled some flight time with my CFI to knock out the few hours of instrument left on my list. I can't wait until he gets after me for the questions I missed, oh that should be fun .

I returned home and looked up the questions I missed that were listed on the Airmen knowledge test report. I provided the correct answeres and a short explaination to back them up. At least Bill will know I reviewed what I missed and made a serious effort to teach myself for future use. I know that flying is a continued learning curve and to be proficient at it I must continue to push myself to learn and experience more.

I'll update after my lesson Wednesday night.

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