Saturday, April 01, 2006

Study Time.....Hittin' The Books!

Yes, I've come to the point that I must take the written test. I just have to say that I really do not like tests, does anyone? Yes, I think there are a few folks who zip right through the testing, me on the other hand have a hard enough time finding space in the brain for daily activities. :) With contracts and specifications rolling around in there what space can be open? I had a boss once that told my friend as he handed off a major road construction project to her to "stick this in the back of your head". We still laugh over it today when she said her head was full and it would explode if she "stuck" another thing there. Well she did store it all and went on to be a very successfull Engineer.

I stray from the subject as I do the prep for my test but I have a plan. I have been working on the Gleim test prep and Sporty's study and test preps. I figure if I see all 700 plus questions all week, multiple times, the answers will jump out at me. Ok, I said it was a plan and I figure I have to start somewhere.

Update - Sunday is booked solid so it looks like my Cross Country will be Wednesday morning! Watch out Salisbury, MD and Wildwood, I come !

Off to study....

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