Friday, March 31, 2006

Landings Anyone?

I had hoped for a cross country day, and the weather Gods did cooperate, however, 2746C was scheduled for a 9am lesson. I did not want to burn a full day of vacation to get the flight in, at least not yesterday morning. Looking back and thinking about how nice it was I wish I would have made the call.

My one hour of landing work went very well. It felt good to be at the controls and taxing out. There were signs of life at Brandywine this morning with a fellow student in a 152 and traffic arriving and ground traffic following me to the run up for departure on the active (27)

I made three landings that I grade as good, for a letter grade maybe a B-. My fourth and final landing was really nice, speed at 60 kts stall horn moaning, barely a chirp on the mains and just a soft delayed touchdown with the nose. I really think the 50' wide runway will help me in the long run. I am consistent with on center and my touchdown point and that I think is a big boost for the confidence.

I am going to review my flight plan today and call to schedule for a Sunday long cross country, I hope 46C is available.

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