Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Long Cross Country Solo Planning

I had a chance to talk with my CFI today and decided to fly Sunday morning for some landing practice. We also discussed the next steps to my Private Pilot License. I am cleared for my Long Cross Country which will be along the following flight path; N99-KSBY-KWWD-KILG and home again to N99.

I will have my 60 question written test, 3 hours of night dual cross country, 3 hours of Instrumnet Flight Rules ( yeah flying with those funky glasses) and then checkride prep and review. I hope to have my ticket by memorial day, really by May 1st but why push it.

Mary and I have run a hundred places through our minds of where to fly. Cape May, NJ for dinner over looking the beach, Williamsburg/Newport News, VA to spend some time with a dear friend of ours and hit Busch Gardens for play time, Williamsport, PA this summer to watch the little league world series, Block Island, RI, Tangier Island, Pittsburgh to visit friends, those past and friends we consider family, Niagra Falls (again), Las Vegas (again) but do daily plane trips to various places/states, New England in the fall, Boston to see family....and the list goes on.

Big dreams, excited for our future together and in aviation. Mary is excited about taking the pinch hittters or companion course. It would be great if she learns the radio lingo and I'm sure we will have two charts for each flight. :) maybe I will make color copies for my flight planning and she can wrestle with the full size.

I cant wait to fly to Factoryville, Pa and spend some time fishing on my friends 28 acres. I can't forget a stop to vist the cemetary across the highway from KWBW where my folks are buried, my Pop sure would have loved a ride and would have been proud of my accomplishment, Mom on the other hand would NEVER even consider going for a ride. Geezzz I miss them both.

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