Friday, May 26, 2006

The Best of Lessons and the Worst of Lessons....


Wx for this review/mock checkride was not looking good. I got to the school early and finished up my preflight as my CFI walked toward the plane. We discussed the review and I made way for the run up area. I was instructed to depart Brandywine for Norfolk at 3000'. I climbed out on crosswind and bugged for 190*. I ID'ed the DQO VOR and direct TO was also 190*. I was on course and climbing to altitude. With the nod of approval I am instructed to head out for maneuvers. I turn out west which will put me south of 40N Chester county airport.

First up is slow flight, having flow each maneuver countless number of times in my head I try not to think but to let things flow, afterall I AM the PIC. Ok here we go, first up a 90* clearing turn in each direction, area clear. Holding heading (over farms) I slow to 1500 rpm, hold nose level and bleed of speed at 95kts I add the first notch of flaps followed by the second at 85 kts and third at 80kts. Adding a touch of power to hold us at altitude 3000 I begin a series of turns, along with straight and level. Once straight and level my CFI asks for a power off stall, checking alt and my area for traffic I set up for straight and level then power off and nose level. Increasing back pressure stall horn starting more back pressure and there she goes! Yoke forward, holding below horizon, full power, rudder if needed to correct a start of a spin. Gaining speed, taking out first 10* of flaps, hand back on throttle, gaining airspeed taking out second notch of flaps followed by the same transfer of right hand throttle to flaps and we are all cleaned up and straight and level.

Next up power on stalls. This is to simulate a sneaky departure stall. Ok power back to 1500, slowing to 70 kts then nose up while increasing power to 90% and adding right rudder to keep coordinated. Adding back pressure and she breaks, a quick yoke forward just below the horizon holding to gain airspeed, rudder if needed to correct the start of a spin followed with a gentle nose up to straight and level.

Next up steep bank turns. Keeping my course over the less populated areas while performing maneuvers is always the correct procedure. I check my location set up by picking a reference point and setting the heading bug. This roll out needs to be +- 5* . When I am ready and after clear left, I bank to 45* quickly adding 3 swipes of nose up trim and make a nice left steep bank turn rolling out on course. Now time for the right, I set myself up and bank right 45* with the 3 swipes of trim I am still loosing alt.......I tend to not hold enough back pressure while leaning forward to look out to my right, something I need to work on. I roll out abut 10 degree's past and I am 100' low. Not happy because that would be a bust so I am instructed to ask if I can perform that maneuver again since I did not do well, I know the Examiner does not owe me that, I just hope he gives me that second shot. Off I go for round two, adding a bit more trim I hold altitude well and roll out on target.

My CFI wants me to do a shortfield landing at Chester County. I align myself for a 45* entry for downwind runway 29 and make the appropriate calls. I can't remember if he pulled the power here or not, I think so. I trimmed for best cruise, naturally went for runway 29, tried restart procedures then simulated a call to traffic at 40N. I made the field and just about wheels down he said go around. Full throttle off we go working to hold 60kts with all that trim in. I actually took out the first notch of flaps to soon so that was a bad thing held on to my climb and cleared obstacles then removed the next two notches of flaps as my airspeed increased.

Time to head for home! My CFI instructed me to head to MXE VOR direct on a 270 radial. I climb to altitude and know that I left 40N on runway 29 so MXE is behind me to the east. I correct the reverse sensing and note I need a "TO" heading as I dial in the 90 degree heading.

Engine out time, my CFI pulls the power. I'm at 2800' not able to make 40N. run through all the engine out procedures and pick a clearing I actually saw at my 5 o' cock that we just flew past. I banked right to set up a base entry for the field while trying the restart procedures. I simulate a mayday call with call, problem and location. turning final for the field I add flaps and work my way in adding second notch of flaps. I am instructed to go around and head for home.

Climbing out and getting back on course I eventually see my reference points to enter at a 45* to Brandywine. I announce my 45 entry for downwind 27 4 miles from the south west. Yeah! I finally remembered to give my direction. As I call out the downwind entry and go through my checklists my CFI pulls the power again! I flow through the ABC's routine and cut the downwind short turning base then final adding flaps I am way high, not good, would have overshot. I am instructed to go around. I am frustrated that I blew that, that could have been my checkride and I would have failed. To make matters worse I go around again early with the first notch of flaps. Grrrr......starting to get ticked that I am coming apart. I turn crosswind and downwind on target, running through my landing checklist. I am about 70 kts looking good as I turn base to final then I don't pull the power soon enough and am high and fast. I add the last notch of flaps and slip when my CFI says the dreaded my plane. Ughhh, my heart sinks I could really scream (an obscenity I am sure) and he crabs this baby right to the ground turns parallel at the last moment and lands us. This is the first landing in my 230 plus landings that my CFI took control. I didn't say a word, I was to ticked. I back taxied us to clear of the active and went through my after landing procedures. As I taxied back to the tie down he said lets talk about what was wrong with that landing. I thought to myself nothing you aced it ! I wish I could do that! We talked about my pattern and it was fine, where I went wrong was not pulling the power sooner and that's what got me in trouble. My CFI said I know you can do it and land it, there was no reason to run up lesson time and the co$t. I agree but "I" wanted to correct what I did I didn't care about the cost.

I really need some practice time alone in the plane. I know it will help my confidence. I am going to try and schedule Saturday afternoon and Sunday afternoon. I hope next week I will be ready for my checkride. I will continue to read the oral test prep book with hopes of doing well on that portion of the exam.

Have a safe Memorial day !!

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