Thursday, May 18, 2006

Test Prep....Spin Recovery

After reviewing my log book my CFI and I find no spin recovery training. Odd that we missed that but what the heck, time to have at it! I complete my preflight and off we go to the practice area. Actually one of two practice areas the flight school works in. Today is the north practice area, north of Rt. 30 and centered around the Marsh Creek area.

We start out with some slow flight leading right into approach stalls and stalls with spins. Nothing wild here just getting the feel for stall recovery first! Followed by rudder correction. Bill has me work that mental list talking my way through each step. Ok, raising the nose and holding , about 1500 rpm, stall horn kicking in........slight moan then a bit more pronounced. Here we ailerons, she breaks, nose down , full power holding it below the horizon, building speed, 65 kts taking out a notch of flaps, hand on throttle, speed looking good, taking out 2nd notch of flaps, nose almost level and removing last notch of flaps.

We continue for a few more rounds with a touch of rudder to simulate the stall break with a tendency to spin. The ride felt really cool, lifting out of the seat a bit then feeling the tummy tickle my tonsils.......yeee hawwwww.......this is cool stuff. In order to correct for the spin I fight the urge to use aileron controls instead keeping them center. The added fast step of opposite rudder after stall recovery has 46C coming right back to level flight.

I did have to work a bit on holding pressure forward so that the added full power did not cause a secondary stall, but overall a good lesson. I think we ended up with a shortfield landing that I did very well on.

Spit and polish time for the next lesson then a mock checkride.

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