Sunday, April 08, 2007

Flight Plan KPHF-KJGG

Well, looking ahead at the weather does not make me happy. Our plan is to depart KILG Thursday morning and get to KJGG or KPHF depending on the winds. Our return is scheduled for Saturday morning early so I can make opening day for little league. There will be NO get-there-itis! We will play it by ear and make plans to stay over extra days if needed.

I haven't flown in the rain except for a brief shower during lessons. If visibility is low and cloud cover is marginal I will NOT scud run. It's much easier to eat our show tickets and bag the room and car then to push my comfort level and become a statistic or example for the next safety seminar.

Our rule is to have fun and be safe, there is
not one place we must attend. With this thought process I will continue to follow the weather and make my go-no go decision sometime tuesday. In the mean time it's back to the weather channel to monitor what's headed to the east coast.

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