Sunday, April 08, 2007

Flight Video Review

On our last flight to KMIV for breakfast John videoed our quick hop each way. I have posted Part I the return to KILG from KMIV. Any time you get to see yourself fly will provide a good look at your procedures. I had a bad habit during lessons of holding on with my right hand. My CFI finally broke me of this habit and I thought I was squared away. Well, watching the video as soon as I hit pattern altitude at KMIV (800') I reached right up there. I was pleased to see how often I do look for traffic and keep my scan going. In the photo to the top left is my correct hand placement, less then a minute later already at pattern altitude I assume the position as pictured on the right. I continued to place my right hand there through out the flight so I'll need to correct that habit.

Mary and I will be heading to Williamsburg/Jamestown (KJGG) or Newport News (KPHF) depending on the winds for a few days away from work, the zoo and Wilmington, Delaware. I will concentrate on correcting a few things about my flying and push myself a bit farther into the learning curve with the weather.

If the weather holds while in Williamsburg we may head to KLHZ Franklin Co. Airport to visit family and enjoy lunch or dinner. Mary and I will also try to hook up with Brook from the POA forum board for a face to face.....we shall see how well our timing works out.

We'll be posting pictures and a write up on our return.

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Neil said...

Hey Gary,

I do the *exact* same thing mith my right hand at altitude. When it needs to be, my hand is always on the throttle, but just like you, once im at cruise, my hand goes right to the exact same spot.

Interestingly enough, my instructor said it wasnt a problem...