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About 5:30 am it looked really nice outside as I waited on Maggie to "take care of business". Upon returning to the comforts of the house I double checked my flight plan, pretty basic, and printed out the info. I made a call to FSS in Williamsport around 7am to confirm my findings. Overall VFR today with clouds and showers moving into the area around 1930Z. A final check on the POA forum and it's a GO for WINGS 07!

Mary and I had packed the truck last night with chairs and our cooler along with her potato salad this morning. We made a stop for fuel, cash and refreshments at the local Exxon then headed to the airport. Pre-flight for 679er completed we fire up and get clearance to taxi for a 27 departure, VFR to the North.

METAR KILG 191251Z AUTO 32011KT 10SM CLR 14/05 A3007

Cleared for take off we roll out and climb to the west with a short call to the Wilmington tower for a right turn on course. The tower sounded bored and respond in a ho hum right turn on course approved. The ride was bumpy but it made for a fun ride tracking the MXE VOR, once crossing it, then tracking the outbound 64* radial for 23 miles or so to KLOM. I remember Adam mentioned the quarry for the 45* to runway 24. Hey not to bad here is the quarry so I make the call, "wings traffic, Archer 28679er, 3 mile 45* for left downwind 24 wings".

I found "A" quarry, the wrong one as I found out. I turned to position for my 45* for 24 and thought I was making my way. I then spotted the airport and immediately climbed to 2500 to clear the upwind departure area. I re-announce my new/corrected position and make my way to the cross wind, left downwind , base and final. The winds were kicking just a bit and made for an interesting landing. On short final I felt a good drop out but corrected with throttle and continued in. Once below the tree line you can feel another drop as the wind is now blocked somewhat. Just got to love crosswinds....not a bad landing followed by a long roll out to the contest area. Thank God no judges were around for a score. Ed Fred held up the sign for ground contact and we flipped over to check in.

We were first in this morning and got 679er parked for the day. I didn't feel as bad after watching the winds play with most of the other attendees. It was a blast meeting everyone and trying to help out in some way. Andy did a fantastic job with all the cooking and Mary and I did have fun serving the chow. Smithfield Foods provided all the food and waht good food it was! The menu consisted of the following; BBQ pulled Pork, BBQ pulled Chicken, hot dogs and hamburgers, cole slaw and potato salad. Mary also made 5 lbs of potato salad that went in a hurry. This yaer Carmen provided the fantastic spinich balls with a spicey sauce dip that once again was the talk of the tent. The ground crew finally made their way to the tent for eats. Ed was working the ground crew along with Lee, Bob, Gary and I think Grant (sorry if I missed anyone). Leslie was busy taking pictures along the flight line and around the tent area. Adam was just plain everywhere and he had to be chased down with a plate of food by Kaye so he would take a moment to eat. I must also mention Adam's two great kids. Nice kids that really handled themselves very well with all the goings on, kudo's to their folks! I will link to the pictures once they are up on the POA forums. On the top right you will see some of the gathering taken by TeenDoc and on the Left Bob and I discuss the world of aviation.

With the cloud layer closing in and rain to the north Mary and I decided to pack up and load 679er for the short hop home. First trip had the chairs and Mary's flight bag with the extra clothes from the morning chill. The second round we hauled the cooler and packed everything in. We said our goodbyes and headed out. A taxi to runway 24 for our run up and we announce departure on 24. A quick re-check of the traffic and we're off. At 1200' we pass through showers and bump our way to 2500'. Looking off to the North the clouds and rain are now chasing us home. Finally a break from the bumps as I turn to 210* and opt for direct to KILG. With the WX moving in I can pass on the extra VOR work to MXE and instead punch in DQO VOR at 114.0 and spin for a direct to.

I contact Wilmington Tower at 10 miles out, Wilmington Tower Archer 28679er....Wilmington Tower 697? again? Tower, Archer 28679er 10m to the north east, 2.5 level,inbound for full stop with Uniform. 679er say destination on field....679er for Red Eagle.....679er report 2 mile right base 27....2 mile right base 27 for 679er. Whew....that seemed like it took forever. At the three mile right base position the Tower clears me to land on 27 and I read back. It was bumpy enough low and slow at 2500' on the way home but now at pattern altitude 1080' it was like a first timer trotting a horse and not posting (noting here that I rode western and still have my roping saddle). Adding the first notch of flaps on right base I crab my way in for 27. Adding the second notch of flaps I clear the trees a bit high on my glide slope. No worry there is a lot of concrete ahead of me on 27. Over the numbers and adding the last notch of flaps I tap dance in with rudder inputs finally lining up to set 679er down a bit off center left but rolling out smooth for taxiway 'K'ilo 4.

METAR KILG 191751Z AUTO 33017G20KT 10SM SCT080 21/02 A2997

With 679er buttoned up we are heading for home. We stop to chat with our ramp neighbors who own a Piper 140 then part ways. I'm tired and hot I want to gulp down some cold water. As we exit the gate Mary stops the ML320 and I jump out, open the back up and grab water from the cooler. Mary drives home and I kick back and take in the cool breeze as the rain beats down on the window. We hated to leave the Wings Fly-B-Q early but I'm glad I made the call for a safe flight home.

Adam's Post from POA Forums

WOW ! Thanks everyone. This weekend was a marathon and I am looking forward to some sleep perhhaps a day or two will be enough. In all seriousness, Thank you to everyone who came to Support the Third Annual WingsFLYBQ those that came near and especailly thouse that came from afar; As always Ed Fred, and This year, Kent Shook and kate and Kents brother and his girl friend all the way from Madison Wisconson, Grant and Leslie from 1C5 in Romeo Ill, Kevin and Rich from Shelby Tennesee and Georigia respectivly, Thanks for making the trip It was great meeting you and seeing you all.

A special hats off to Brooke who slugged it all the way up and back in one day from Raleigh NC. Good Job Brooke be proud of yourself. I trust the ride home was a bit faster.

I REALLY enjoy doing this event and am super happy that everyone enjoyed themselves. But I have to say that I could not do it without the help of others. This started as a one man show with about 20 people and 9 planes three years ago. This year was the biggest yet. 75+ people and 26 Aircraft. Unfortuantly the Wx in New England and NY stunk or we would have had many more. But as I said I COULD NOT do this alone any more.Ed Fred, Bob Ciotti, Gary Shelby, Lee Kitson and new this year Eric and Scott Newcomber (hopefully new to our board to) and Andrew 'porky' Stanley (the most awesome BBQer on the planet , and a GREAT guy to boot were all just AWESOME. Thanks also to Gary and Mary Mascelli and Kaye for jumping in, in the chow line. Thank you all so much. We had a great time at my place where we grilled up Steak Sandwiches for those that arrived Friday night , The Shook 4, Leslie and Grant, Ed, Andrew and the locals, Gary Shelby ( who bought great beer) Bob Ciotti, and my daughter Rachel. Friday we also all got a lesson in how to prep REAL BBQ.

Saturday night we all headed into South Philly for some good Italian Food.The folks I met from POA are all such fantastic people. POA is truly more of a community than a board.

Prizes were as follows: (you could only win one prize)

The following won a $25.00 Gift certificate to the Pilot Shop at Montgomery County Aviation:

Precision Taxi - Missa YEA Missa
Spot Parking- Szabo (Cri Cri Pilot)
Furthest Distance Flown GA - Kent Shook
Furthest distance traveled Non GA- Andrew StanleyPrize

Flight Guide donated by Montgomery County Aviation:
Newest Private Pilot - Gary Mascelli

Prize Aviation Wx services book:
Last to Arrive and sticking it out - BROOK

BTW Hayden the Garden Gnome is Secure in the hands of Leslie and Grant. WHERE WILL HE GO NEXT? Again thank you all so much for comming. See you next year third saturday in May 2008

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