Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Written Frustration

I was scoring in the mid to upper 80's a few weeks back and put off taking my IR written, now I am frustrated and scoring in low 70's and can't seem to break out of the rut. I am ready for my checkride but of course must complete the written test first. I'm frustrated and ready to burn my books and use the DVDs for Frisbee's. Ok, well not to those extremes yet but I may get there very soon.

I am thinking of taking a week off then a sort of start over by reviewing the King DVDs cleared for the approach and the instrument knowledge courses. Time for two Advil's with dinner and cool compress for my vapor locked brain.

Thanks to all who responded to my post on the Pilots Of America forum, your wisdom and support help take the edge off my test taking issues.


Steve said...

I'm sure you'll push through it soon, Gary. I should have taken my written last winter but put it off and off and off and still haven't done it. Excuses, I know... but I really need to get on with it and take the darn thing soon!

AdamB said...

Like others have said Gary, Give it a break and pick it up fresh in a couple days.

Look forward to catching up on the 27th.

Head in the Clouds said...

Good Luck! I recently took mine-- and used a combination of taking full practice tests and then used Sporty's Study Buddy to brush up on specific areas. Keep at it!

Gary said...

Thanks all!

Gearing up for a Saturday morning start. I want to complete the testing this week. I'll post my "POSITIVE" results.

Anonymous said...


The irony is that I read and am commenting to you post as I sit at my kitchen table with all my IR written material spread out before more. Miserly loves company! ;-)

Gary said...


I'm taking my practice tests to the school friday night (tonight) so I will be signed off for the test. I'm scheduling for tuesday or wednesday if I get a time slot.

Good luck and keep at it. It will all sink in....and I thought the flying would be the hard part.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Gary. I am already signed off and my test is scheduled for next Sunday. I've been studying a lot so I am not overly concerned, but I would like to score high so I am continuing to read and take practice tests. The following weekend is my stage 3 check flight is scheduled. It looks like the end may be coming faster than expected. Yikes!

Thanks and good luck!