Friday, June 05, 2009

Future Flight Plans

I received an email from the owner of our club plane and it really made my day! Our agreement is that total carry over time will be 10 hours a month, I've never had the chance to experience that, been to busy flying. However, with my surgery I have piled up 12 hours as of the end of June. My plan was to try and make the North East Flyers Mystic Seaport fly in the end of June and burn up enough time to keep me in the 10 hour limit. The email stated that I could build my hours and he would wave the 10 hour limit while I recoup. The initial thought to the rule was to stop people from not flying in the winter months and everyone cram hours in over the summer.

With this new thought in mind I opened up our "4-day" get-away file and started to plan our first trip when I'm ready to sit left seat. A few places that Mary and I would like to visit include Bar Harbor Maine, Charleston South Carolina, Niagra Falls Canada and Jekyll Island Georgia. I would like to take a few guy flights too, out to visit with Steve in Ohio for a ride in a cub, a trip to Ed's place at Prickett-Grooms Field located in Sidnaw, MI for the annual labor day bash, also a stop at Waukegan Regional to meet fellow blogger Tom on my way to Green Bay, schedule and complete my Instrument check ride, the Hudson river tour with another pilot who has made the trip and a few other places to visit with fellow bloggers and friends. One special trip that is on tap for October will be to Williamsburg, VA to meet up with the man who got me started blogging about my lessons and flying adventures after reading about his airplane purchase and (as he calls it)magic carpet rides with his wife, The webmaster of Flights of The Mouse.


Steve said...

Woohoo, I made the short list! :)

Lookin forward to your full recovery and visit - whenever you're able to do so Gary.

Gary said...

I figure I best color in a few more states and hitch my first ride in a cub at the same time!

I'll try and meet up with Tom out at Waukegan Regional Airport too if I can. Plenty of hours to burn being off all this time.

Unknown said...

I look forward to a meet up Gary. It's good to see you getting more mobile.

Pilot Bob said...

Count me in if you need a alternate tour guide for the Hudson Corridor.

Gary said...

I'm really looking forward to getting back in the left seat....I can hardly wait.

I would love to make the hudson run in either seat. when I get back flying maybe we can hook up. I'm always up for breakfast at 44N to start the day!