Friday, June 26, 2009

Last Call For Boarding

I scooted out to the airport this morning trying to cross off one of my things on my list to accomplish. Mary went with me and supervised as I tried to board 679er. I was happy to see that the step up to the wing was a short one, that would make it a bit easier for the right leg and knee. However, looking at the first step with the left I don't seem to remember it being that much of a step as it now seems to be. None the less, it was time to give it a go. I set my cane aside and balanced on the wing with my right hand, avoiding any pressure on the flap area. Next I made the step up to the foot peg or step and as my left foot was firmly in place my right knee buckled. I did manage to catch myself on the wing to avoid hitting the ground.

I was not happy with that try but decided to not go again until I had a step stool to help relieve some of the distance and pressure required on my new hip and finicky knee. I'll try it again this weekend once I find a one or two step type stool to help out. I still think I could back into a Cessna and wiggle in to the left seat, for now.

I hope to report mission accomplished tomorrow as I sit and dream about flying once again from the left seat of 679er.


Rob said...

Glad to see you out and about more and more. Sounds like you'll be back cruising the skies and taking Mary to great places again real soon.

Hmm,... I wonder if I know anyone that has a Cessna you can back into..... Hmmm,... we'll have to work something out soon.

Gary said...

I may take another shot at climbing in the Archer this week. The knee has been acting up but we shall see.

Yes, I mention the Cessna I figure I could hitch a ride with you or Mike from ILG. He asked if I was up for a possible ride in the cirrus this past sunday but I didn't want to chance hurting the knee climbing in.

Possible MRI on the kneee today.

Steve said...

Phwew, just glad to hear you're ok. Good luck on your next attempt at climbing back up in 679er.

Have a Happy Fourth as well!