Saturday, January 16, 2010

Flying with Rob

It was one of those days today, still on a high from yesterdays flight and finished chores. I told Mary I was bored, needed to do something so I mopped the kitchen, front and back door and powder room floors. Mary said go fly, I was getting on her nerves, I could tell. I sent a text message to RobS (Robs Flying Adventures) and asked if he was flying today, he responded, you? He makes me laugh. Well we can, I'll bring 08Romeo up to Wings and we could go play. The text messages ended and Rob called, the plan was to text him when I started the plane, done deal!

I got to Wilmington and went through my pre-flight and 08R was down almost a full quart of oil. I had a few spares in the plane but left the funnel out in my truck. I strolled back out the gate and returned funnel in hand. I met some new ramp neighbors, which is always fun. I added the quart, the first in about 20 hours then saddled up for Wings. A quick call to ground and I was cleared for taxi. The oil temp looked good soon after start up so I didn't have to long a wait. I launched off two seven and was approved for a right turn on course. I was going to call Philly but I decided on some quiet fly time tracking the Modena VOR then direct Wings, KLOM. I followed the PA Turnpike to the "second" quarry then turned for the 45* entry to the left down wind for two four. I was settled in with good numbers when the other shoe dropped, that's right, all the greasers of late came to an end. I did what I call the hippity hop, up and down, worse then just ballooning and even had some good wing roll along with drifting left of center when I touched down. It wasn't pretty but 08Romeo survived, I wish my pilot pride could say the same.

Rob was waiting as I rolled up to the terminal and throttled back so he could climb in. I'll mention here that I would not do that with most people but Rob flys enough to be safe around aircraft but most of all I trust him. We loaded up and taxied out for some fun in the haze. I have a rattle coming from the instrument panel that I can't find, it started yesterday on the take off from Wilmington. I'll have to track it down, it's driving me crazy. I climbed out of Wings and into the yucky haze following Rob's direction. I'm not very familiar with the practice area or any of the area for that matter. Once leveled out at 2,500 we transferred control. Rob handled 08Romeo like he's know her as long or longer then me. He did some clearing turns, steep turns and some fun flying. The haze was thick and even worse when we faced the sun, trying to spot traffic was difficult. My PCAS by Zaon keeps looking at my plane and giving me warnings so I shut it off, not a good day to be up without traffic in the cockpit. We headed towards Pottstown (KPTW) then Quakertown (KUKT), Pennridge (KCKZ), Lake Nockamixon and eventually back to Wings. After Rob brought us over the airport we transferred control and positioned to land. The normal routine for folks based there is to cross the airport then the turnpike and start a right turn to set up for a 45* to left down wind on two four, the same entry I used when I came in. I followed with base to final and an ok landing again left of center. We taxied clear and headed towards the terminal. There was this strange lineman marshaling us in with some exotic maneuvers, where the heck was my camera! The wanna be lineman was AdamZ, he came out to the airport to catch up, it was good stuff. I did get to see DaveH and his V-Tail Bonanza but he was heading out to get some left seat time.

I was ready to head back to Wilmington. Once off of runway two four I called up Philly for flight following. The haze was just to much and I wanted the extra eyes watching. I dialed in my squawk code and was directed to proceed for the Modena (MXE)VOR. Philly would turn me on course when traffic was no factor. Sounded good but I still didn't hear those magic class bravo words, "cleared into the Bravo" airspace. I was handed off to the next sector and they turned me direct wilmington, cleared through the bravo. Ok, that's what I wanted to hear! I chugged along towards Wilmington and could just barely make out the outline of the Delaware Memorial twin bridges at six miles, I could not see the airport at all. I guess around four miles out I advised field in sight and with current ATIS info, philly cut me loose. I picked up with the tower and was number two to land behind a Piper I never saw at just 2 miles off the nose. I was about ready to ask about the traffic when I turned final but the tower gave me an update. I made an ok landing on center but a tad longer then normal. It's good to be home and out of the soup.

All in all a fun afternoon with good friends. I look forward to the next time we can catch up and fly. Thanks Rob for the fuel sneaked one by me.....I owe you!


Rob said...

Thanks again Gary. You have a very nice handling airplane. We'll have to fly together again sometime soon. Hope you can figure out the XRX adjustments easily.

ddf said...

What a great way to get out of the house and spend an afternoon. I especially enjoyed the "quiet time" comment, as I prefer that to listening XM broadcasts. Peaceful.