Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year!

The start of a new year! I'm not sure how 2009 slipped by so quickly we are in 2010. Mary and I went out to dinner with my family and then made a stop at my brother's house. I guess we ended up getting home around 10:30 and yes, we crawled into bed to watch the ball drop. I'll be honest I was watching at 11:59 and gave Mary a nudge and she said I'm watching......yeah right, through her eyelids maybe. I then proceeded to pass out, I missed the ball drop and woke up immediately following only to see the confetti falling and everyone hugging and kissing. Oh well, I'll make another attempt next year. It's time for my annual year in review and a look forward to some new goals for 2010.

2009 in Review
Ratings: Didn't complete my IR check of the things to do list in 2010.
Aircraft: I got to fly (right seat) in a Cirrus SR20 and SR22, Beech C23 and the real biggie; Mary and I bought an airplane!
Medical : Had my hip surgery, Off three months from flying, back in the saddle in July
Flights: Longest cross country to date, we brought our new plane home T31 McKinney Texas to Davis, WV (WV62) - We took a vacation to Stoneington , ME (93B) - Two trips to Texas, one for Jeff's plane purchase and one for our new plane - Christmas in St. Michaels - Wings FlyBQ (KLOM) - Windwood Resort, Davis WV (WV62)
Favorite flight of the year: Well vacation flights are always fun but in August I asked Mary if she wanted to do dinner in Cape May, pretty much a last minute decision. I flight planned while she got ready then I got ready and off we went, The Oyster bay, one of our favorites!
New Airports: 44N, KAVP, KIPT, KPSN, T31, WV62, KHFD, 93B, KHZD, KLCI, KDDH, W99, KIOB, KDWH,KUTA, KMSL, N68, KRKD
New States: ME, NH, VT, CT, WV, TX, KY, TN, MS, AL
First Time Flyers: My sister Denise and her husband Dave, Pam and Teds neighbor Trevor.
Flight Time: 104.3 hours
Notes: Mary and I shared fun times with all our flying friends and we got to meet Bo & Sandra Boggs in McKinney, TX. When I first started flying I read Bo's blog, Flights of the Mouse, it got me hooked on keeping a journal and someday owning a plane to see the country...."the magic carpet" was a good nicname Bo attached to the aircraft we fly!

2010 Goals

Schedule and pass the IR check ride!!!! A MUST DO
Break the 500 flight hours mark (I'll need 125 this year)
Enjoy the new plane and not $pend on new toys this first year...this is not going to be easy
Take some long trips and enjoy the new ride with my Bride!


Steve said...

Happy New Year and congrats on such a great year of flying! I think I might have to copy your idea for this post and put up something similar on my blog tonight.

Gary said...


happy new year to you and Gina. Be safe and enjoy the holiday!

I like doing the annual recap, it helps to look back next year and see what goals I accomplished or, in the case of my IR, didn't finish up.

Steve said...

Yup, it's a good way to step back and look at the big flying picture every year. Mine was doin alright most of the year but fell off a cliff these last two months! I need to win the lottery right about now...