Saturday, October 16, 2010

Boston Trip Scrubbed

We scrubbed our Boston trip. 50mph winds along the route and high winds at our intended destination,KOWD - Norwood, MA., makes for no fun. There is also a presidential TFR starting at 1:30 and we would be in the 10 mile ring which is a no fly for us. That all means there is not a lot of wiggle room with getting the dogs boarded (after 8:30) and getting to the plane, preflight, picking up our clearance and getting in the air. Add to that dealing with headwinds and a bumpy ride for just an overnight trip. There will always be another time to fly. Mary laughed and said she is pulling the veto card, it's not worth the bumps or having *get-there-itis....she went back up to bed.
It's the tendency of pilots to ignore potential trouble -- say, marginal weather or conditions and poor nighttime visibility -- to get where they need to go.

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Unknown said...

Sorry your mission got scrubbed! ...(But sounds like u made the "right" choice) Coincidentally, I have a trip planned to that same airport (KOWD) next weekend (10/23). I am watching the weather closely with fingers crossed.