Saturday, September 22, 2012

Breakfast and Bath

08Romeo was in dire need of a bath but the wx was so perfect this morning I needed to fly.  I gave 08Romeo a hug and promised she would be washed today. With that deal out of the way I shot Vince a text for a breakfast run to Cape May, he was all in.
With Vince now an official "Student Pilot" he did his own pre-flight and I will say it was very thorough. We did find one loose screw on one of the access covers under the left wing.  We have 30 gallons on board and were ready to head south east, VFR.
The winds at 3000
On course
The correction required!
Wilmington Ground cleared us to taxi and the Tower cleared us to depart for some fun flying.I gave Vince control for the take off and he did a great job, keeping us in a nice steady climb out and turn on course to cross the Delaware river.
"hand painted" Make-A-Wish Yak 50 aircraft, looks like sponsored by Dassault and Rockwell Collins

Tom Duffy and his B25, Take Off Time
While heading south east Vince spotted a B25 Mitchell at our ten to eleven o' clock maybe 500 feet high. As soon as we cleared the Wilmington Delta space we tuned in Millville radio on 123.65.  Sure enough it was a Mitchell Bomber headed into KMIV for a static display show. We kept on our course for KWWD, Cape May NJ but decided on the return trip we would have to make a stop to walk the show line. No, I didn't forget about 08Romeo's bath.
After walking the line and taking some pictures we decided it was time to head home. Vince had flown to Cape May and then to Millville, I flew the last leg home. We taxied in and came to a stop just outside the red eagle hangar.
all clean!!
We broke out the long handle brush, car wash mix and some cleaner wax for the black streaks. The dirt rolled off the wings along with the bird deposits...08Romeo was feeling like a new aircraft once again.  I'll touch up a few spots with cleaner wax and give it a once over with the wash/wax all I just purchased, that should be here Monday.

Vince has video, I'll get that posted later today.


Diggerdavid said...

Very nice. Wind was really blowing today, but as I was WORKING I could see a lot of planes up there flying. Maybe Monday!

Gary said...

Yes, the Winds made for some interesting landings. At least the plane is clean for the Alabama trip.

Chris said...

The shots of 08R airborne are nice, who took them? (I assume that you were flying and do not suffer some some physically-manifested personality dissociation disorder).

As for you finding a screw loose, I will refrain from making any obvious snarky comments about the pilot... ;-)

Looks like a great day, hanging out with the warbirds. I really need a flying fix. Glad you got out to exercise your bird!

Gary said...

Chris, thanks, I almost choked on an orange popsicle when I read your post. Still laughing.

The photos were taken by a coworker, Joe Clemete, he has an impressive collection of aircraft. I'm glad he got a few of me yeaterday.

As for the screw loose and pilot, well, that depends on what day and who you ask.

Good stuff, thanks for the laugh. Don't you have a IR test to study for? ;)

Chris said...

Gary - Point well taken! :-)

Steve said...

Nice shots of 08R!

Though I think the B-25 still does a slightly better job classing up the ramp... :)