Monday, September 10, 2012

Why We Fly? The VIEW

I swapped text messages with Mike B who asked if I was available for some safety pilot time this evening.  I had to head home to check on Mary and pick up my fight bag.  I quickly did the turn and burn heading south in traffic for Wilmington airport.  Mike had the Diamond DA40 ready, so we saddled up for a few hours of approaches with Atlantic City. 

Mike shot the ILS 31 into AC while I searched for traffic. The Diamonds glass panel traffic avoidance was a great reference for targets I could not make initial visual contact with.  Here are a few shots I took tonight taking advantage of the unbelievable clear night and forty plus mile visibility.

Enjoy the views, we sure did!!
Atlantic City NJ
Stanton Memorial Cswy (RT.52)
After a few approaches we were off to Millville then as the sun set we turned for home, Wilmington, KILG.


Chris said...

Love that sunset, Gary! Looks like your weather was very comparable to ours, only I didn't get to see any of it while flying under the hood (ok, I peeked at the sunset once - I just couldn't resist)

Geoff Nelson said...

Awesome views. Atlantic City looks nothing like I thought. Cool though.

Gary said...

My instructor used to always say, gezzz your missing such a beautiful sky or sunset. Maybe that's why I dislike foggles so much.

Gary said...

Just some large casinos and plenty of surf! Great approach controllers and tower folks, very acomodating.

Steve said...

Wow, that's some crystal-clear air! The views have been great around here as well lately. Nothing like some fall evening flying.