Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sky Manor Lunch Run

Mary and I traded AOPA form posts and phone calls with Ted and Susan trying to decided on a date and time to meet for lunch.  It's been a while since we last got together and we always look forwarding to spending time together when we can.  The plan was hatched to meet at N40, Sky Manor for lunch around noon today.  That worked out great, we got a few things done around the house and headed to the airport around 10:30.

I had ordered fuel this morning so I was ready with 30 gallons on board for the 35 minute trip north and 40-45 home in the 10-15 knot headwinds.  I filed today just to get some practice in the system. Contrary to my thought process of keeping it simple I ended up getting routed to Allentown (FJC)then direct N40.  What the heck, I had a tail wind the whole way looking at 128-132 knots.

As I approached Allentown Philly handed me off. Allentown advised they would turn me direct in a few miles which ended up working out ok. I turned direct just south of the Allentown class C airspace and descended at my discretion for the field.  I reported the field in sight about 8 miles out and cancelled my IFR plan.  I was directed to keep my squawk code until on the ground and acknowledged the instruction.
I switched over to CTAF and made the 8 mile call followed by a 5 mile call, I didn't hear a thing.  Hmmm.....I checked my knee board notes 126.975 and pulled up the airport info  to confirm.  Well duh........I had dialed in 126.475.  I made the correction and followed with an immediate call now three miles out on final for runway 7.  I made a nice landing and rolled out for the ramp located adjacent to the restaurant.

Good food and service sums it up and great company!  It was fun to catch up with Ted and Susan yet painful to hear what they went through after Hurricane Sandy. I'm glad they have power back and are getting things squared away.  We wrapped up lunch and talked about a tentative plan to get-away for a weekend before the holidays.  We had planned on Cape Cod but it took minimal effort to convince us to fly south.  More on the get-away south plan to follow.
Marshall and Treasure Island on the Delaware
Just to the north of Treasure Island lies Marshall Island (also known as Eagle Island). Marshall Island is connected to Treasure Island only by a small footbridge. Treasure Island is in New Jersey, whereas Marshall Island is in Pennsylvania. Treasure Island is a Boy Scout property located between Point Pleasant, Pennsylvania and Frenchtown, New Jersey, United States. The property is situated on two islands in the middle of the Delaware River and owned by the Cradle of Liberty Council. Treasure Island was the oldest continually operated Boy Scout Camp in the country and had been continuously associated with Scouting since 1913.

We said our goodbyes and saddled up for home.  I flew direct Modena (MXE) then KILG. I had 10-15 knot headwinds the whole way , I didn't bother with flight following or filing an instrument plan.  I just wanted to enjoy the air time and work on knocking off the rust.

We made the call to  to Wilmington tower just 8 miles to the north just as the TFR lifted, perfect timing!  I greased a landing and had to add power to make the first runway distance sign which was at the 6 thousand mark, I had planted 08Romeo on the numbers. We taxied in and shut down, it was  a fun day with friends.

08Romeo heads into annual tomorrow morning.  Tonight I will get my tools and log books ready. I'll be reporting on this years experience just like every year to date.  Oh how I will hate the sore body....

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