Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Beech to the Beach

 Beech Aero Club will join the VA/NC Pilots Assoc and Fly-In to Cape Hatteras' Billy Mitchell Airport (KHSE) on May 2 at noon. The beach is within walking distance and there will be arrangements to get to the lighthouse for those that are interested. Also, you may leave that afternoon or camp out on the beach. The campground is in easy walking distance of the airport. 
 The flight from Ocean City (KOXB) to Billy Mitchell (KHSE) will be under two hours so a day meeting up with fellow BAC members will be fun. Mary does not do camping so we will either fly home that evening or make arrangements to overnight just north in Nags Heads. One of our favorite stops is Dare County(KMQI) close to good eats and places to stay. HSE to MQI is just a twenty minute hop and there is always the temptation to head a bit farther south to Ocracoke! Maybe this will be an extended weekend four day get-away, we shall see how the wx plays out.

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