Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Visiting former co-workers

Not much to do around the house today with Mary in bed with a migraine so I decided to fly.  A short hop, Ocean City (KOXB) to Millville (KMIV). I figured I would grab some breakfast then catch up with my friends. I had the pets squared away, Ziva fed and out. The cats were fed, box cleaned and I listened to them yap at me for locking them out of our bedroom last night, they were not happy.  Since we've been home from Key West the cats feel they should be allowed to jump on and off the bed all during the night while the humans try and sleep. Let me just say that in the dark I'm not sure they all land on their feet while they get tossed off.

After the rant quieted down I checked on my bride and made sure she had her meds, something cool to drink and that the room was quiet and dark. Quiet equals NO cats.
OC MD  RT90 Bridge
I headed to the hangar and once I opened the door I think 08Romeo had to squint. It's been twenty days since my last flight. I tried to start the Cabrio but it just clicked, I guess it does not like to be neglected.  Since it is tucked under the wing I had to push it out in order to jump start the thing...GRrrrr.  All the vehicles were clear, the Cabrio running and my truck parked and locked, it was finally time to pull 08Romeo out.
KOXB 221153Z AUTO 23008KT 10SM CLR 14/08 A2984

I did a very detailed pre-flight and decided with the short hop I wouldn't need fuel. Runway 14-32 is closed for sealing and striping so runway 20 was the choice.  This worked out perfect since the windsock was pointing in favor of my selection. 08Romeo climbed out turning east over the beach and then north just inland of the beach towns.  Ocean City, Fenwick, Bethany and Rehoboth all passed under my right wing as I climbed and settled at 7,500 for my Delaware Bay crossing.
The AWOS at Millville was not working so the 496 was my wx outlet for the latest METAR and forecast. I selected runway 28 and made my calls as I descended for the pattern. No traffic today, very quiet and for the very first time Millville radio did not make a peep.  I have a history with them....nuf' said.

KMIV 221554Z AUTO 20008G15KT 10SM CLR 20/04 A2969

I taxied in and parked at the restaurant, I was the only aircraft on the ramp. Verna's Flight Line was busy with locals but I grabbed a seat at the counter and was served very quickly.  The owner said she hadn't  seen me in, in a while, where have I been.  Oh man, she served that one right up and with a big grin I said, I'm retired.  Yes, breakfast tasted just a bit better knowing I didn't have to walk out of there and deal with contract issues, I just had to saddle up and fly home.
I did get to meet up with Tim from operations, he is a fellow pilot and also a CFII.  I told him I would like to catch up and check out the new sim that Big Sky installed, he said that would be great.  We swapped pone numbers since I lost all my contacts when my former employer shut off my email and server access. I thought they were already backed up on icloud but,  that didn't happen.

I climbed aboard and got 08Romeo started, I'm not sure who feels stranger, me or the plane, with this flying midweek stuff. I think we could both get used to it.  The hop is only thirty minutes, give or take and I had twelve gallons showing on the Garmin 530. That would leave me seven and the 530 does not account for leaning or time on the ground, it counts a ten gallon and hour burn from start to stop so there is a safety cushion.
Cape May Ferry Terminal
I decided to taxi out and head for Georgetown, KGED, the fuel is cheap and you can get a twenty-three cent a gallon rebate with the fuel tax. Once I climbed out the fantastic tail wind was now a brutal headwind with moderate turbulence in the area.  I didn't want to cross the Delaware Bay until I reached 6,500 so I flew to the coast climbing and watching the ETE to GED. To close for comfort, I diverted to Cape May to take on fuel, fuel tax rebate be damned.
Rehoboth Beach
Dewey Beach
Better safe than my friends reading about me not making the field due to no fuel. I did get to meet up with Joe C, our cape may Op's guy. Always great to see Joe.  We swapped some numbers and yukked it up about projects and me being retired.  I do feel bad, the airports in NJ will not see the dedication I gave to them. For the new engineers it's just another job and there are no pilots on the revamped staff.
Indian River Bridge, South coastal view
I said my goodbyes and reminded Joe to call on his day off, we'll go fly.  I taxied 08Romeo out to runway one-niner and launched for home.

KACY 221454Z 20011KT 10SM CLR 20/03 A2974

I lingered over the Cape May ferry terminal long enough to climb to 4,500 then pointed for the Bay.  I crossed at 6,500 and shadowed the ferry as it was crossing. I flew right over Cape Henlopen and managed a few pictures of the coast line heading south from the Indian River bridge. Smooth flying at altitude but as soon as I started to let down for Ocean City it was moderate turbulence all the way, yee haww!

KOXB 221653Z AUTO 20011G21KT 10SM CLR 17/08 A2972

I made my calls for Ocean City traffic and set up for a straight in for runway two-zero. I didn't hear stall horn but I felt the mains followed by the nose wheel. I really need to work on that landing configuration. With the taxiway closed I made a U-turn and back taxied for the hangar. All tucked in and bugs cleaned off 08Romeo is ready to go for her next mission.
Cabrio CPR!!!


Rob Schaffer said...

Since you are living the retired life,... you and I will have to take a flight together when I am down at Assateague camping this year. (July 27-31)

Gary said...

Absolutely!!! Mary and I can't wait to catch up with you all, it's been way to long my friend.