Saturday, September 12, 2015

Checklist for BACFest Flight

I have been working on our checklist for our BACFest in Dubuque, IA and our jaunt to Mt. Rushmore Rapid City, SD flights.  We typically travel with a very primitive kit; protein snack bars, water, knife, lighter, baggie of dryer lint for fire starter and a few small LED flashlights. I thought it best to invest in something more substantial for the terrain we will have to traverse.

Survival gear, covered

I shopped around and found this kit listed on Sportys.
First aid kit
12 Pouches of water
Water purification tablets
Two 2400 calorie food bars
Light stick
Nylon Cord
Orange survival tent
Emergency blankets
Waterproof matches
AM/FM Radio with Batteries
Camper’s Stove
Utility Knife

I would add my bare bones collection I mentioned above just for added lighting and fire starter needs.

All of the kit items are cleverly packaged in a backpack that measures 12"w x 17"h x 10"d and weighs 11 lbs.

Avionics Covered

My 530W will be updated and it covers the east and central United States and the 496 will get it's annual update to maps, terrain and airports. I have the new iPad mini 3 and the backup iPad 2.

ADS-B Thoughts

I have also been digging deeper into options for ADS-B.  While the GDL88 and Flightstream would be a great addition at @$6000 + installation, there are other options that I am exploring. The upgrade from my Garmin 327 to a 330ES would cost me @ $2,300 plus installation and the trade in of my 327, this takes care of ADS-B out. For ADS-B in I have been looking at the Stratus 2S at $899.  A considerable savings and more cash to spend on fuel. An even better solution would be to find a used Stratus 2 with average selling prices listed between $625-$750.  I wouldn't rule out a Navworx install, the price is right and it will work with the Garmin 530 and wifi.

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