Saturday, September 19, 2015

Flight Physical Passed!

It's been seven weeks since I last flew.

I knew I would get flagged for Body Mass Index (BMI) so after coming to the realization that the testing process would take forever and I would have to have it done anyway, I decided to roll the dice. I had been corresponding with Doc Bruce, senior AME,  on the AOPA forum.  He suggested that I get the test done and know where I stand and get my info together to speed the process.
As previously posted I took the in hospital overnight sleep study, what an ordeal.  Obviously, as Chris H (Photographic Logbook)mentioned in a comment "evidently, Gary can sleep through anything, the lucky dog".  I did, and the test numbers were excellent and the final result was a normal polysomnographic study.  In short, I ain't got no sleep apnea!!  Sorry Mrs. Harker, I had to just blurt it out like that.
I went in this morning armed with the report and my certification number from the online med-express form. Typical procedures; height, weight, eye test, color blind test and sample in a cup.  My BMI was an instant flag (requiring a sleep study) and my response was to hand over the report.  The good doctor read through it and said I was good to go.  I guess this all came to a boiling point as noted when he took my blood pressure, it was higher than normal. I'm pretty predicable at 110-120 over 70-75, I blew that away but was within the FAA limit. I came home and took my pressure and it matched what my last PCP visit was so I'm ok.
With fresh ink on my medical I just had to get 08Romeo in the air.  I had the plane fueled yesterday so I could sump this afternoon, I prefer to let it sit and settle. I didn't check the tanks after requesting fill to the slots which would have put me at forty total.  Instead, when I verified the fuel today I was easily sitting around 25-27 a side.  The line guy blew that one and I'm just as guilty for not watching him  fill each side. I did a very detailed pre-flight touching every surface verifying with my flashlight so I didn't miss anything.

It would be a short hop and multiple take off and landings if needed. I taxied out to runway one-four and made my call for departure.  The jump plane had just kicked out its load of crazy folk so I bugged out and cleared the area heading north up the beach. The air was smooth and the visibility perfect! I was back at home in the left seat, loving life. 
I putzed around for a short time then did a steep turn inland to head back south.  It seems the rag haulers (banner tows) had cut their day short, I had the beach all to myself. I crossed the inlet and descended to pattern altitude making the required calls. Abeam the numbers adding approach flaps with a nice squared off turn to base adding second notch and on final adding the last notch at five hundred feet. I added a swipe of nose up trim and 08Romeo rolled on to the runway, niiiice.
With such a sweet landing I decided to call it a day. I tucked 08Romeo in for the night with a pat on her cowl thanking her for being patient.  We'll do this again in the morning for our Sunday breakfast run.


Chris said...

Outstanding, Gary!

And thanks for "the jump plane had just kicked out it's load of crazy folk..." Best belly laugh I've had all day!

So, where's breakfast?

Gary said...

Happy to provide some laughs. It's great to be back in the saddle.

D.B. said...

Count your blessings. I'm 6 ft 0, and 168 lbs with high BP, and high cholesterol, high enough to need medication. Any time I get over 175, I start having apnea. I work out daily and do my 10,000 steps must days. I can only blame genetics and my viking ancestors.

Glad to see you back in the air!

Gary said...

D.B., I have started walking and counting calories. Working on a program that hospitals seem to endorse. HMR, three shakes a day, five fruits and or veggies and a normal proportioned meal. The shakes seem to tear up my gut so I am doing one a day but keeping at or below 1500 calories. I was 275 last flight physical and have knocked off 9 pounds since starting august 31st.

I have a long road to travel but I'm going to get there. My blood work came back excellent. I think the doctor was in shock. I told him I'm the healthiest fat guy he treats....he didn't laugh.

Steve said...

Great work, Gary!

It mostly requires time and tracking but the calorie-counting approach really seems to be the best. Certainly worked for me a few years ago - and, having overindulged on some recent trips, I think I might need to take it up again, too.

Gary said...

Steve, thanks. It's a long road for me but I need to get it done and drop some lbs.