Thursday, January 14, 2016

Breakfast Hop and Photo Shoot

After all the news yesterday about the fire at a 140th street condo building I decided to head to Cape May, KWWD instead of Cambridge, KCGE. I may as well take a look at what was left of the building, thankfully there were no injuries.

I had 08Romeo on pre-heat so it was my typical preflight and start up. Departure on runway two-zero and a nice climb out along the beach on my way to cross the Delaware Bay.  Here are the pictures from today.

Fagers Island

Condo structure after fire
Birds on the Assawoman Bay

Tankers - Delaware Bay
 Another fun flight and a chance to catch up with my former co-workers. A great breakfast at the Flight Deck restaurant and a chance to get the oil pumping on 08Romeo made for a fun 1.2 hours flight time.


Jim and Sandie said...

Love your breakfast runs. And glad to hear no one was hurt in the fire. Very scary.

Gary said...

If it was going to happen, thank God it was during the off season. I can't imagine the results if it was a busy holiday weekend.

The breakfast runs are fun, it's nice to just enjoy the view and air time. If I could only get up and out earlier to catch more sunrises....sigh...that would be great.