Friday, January 08, 2016

Flight Planning Potential Destinations

With the house back to normal and all the Christmas decorations packed away, I thought it would be a good time to do some flight planning. What I have listed is in no specific timeline order, just brainstorming destinations.
Mary and I have signed up for the 2016 BAC Fest that will take place in Branson Missouri sometime in late September early October.  The original plan was to head to Waco Texas and visit the shops of Magnolia for the TV show 'Fixer Upper' and stay at their new B&B. The second leg would be to visit Sandra (Flights of the Mouse) in Plano Texas before heading to BAC Fest.
Recently Sandra said she would be attending the BAC event so our plans have changed. The new plan, after a careful selection process, is to spend time in Memphis Tennessee before heading to Branson. The detailed planning is underway.  
After a few days checking out various attractions like the Zoo, great BBQ eats and the home of the King, Graceland, we would eventually make the hop to Branson. We haven't given much thought to the return trip.  Maybe a run for the coast and the last bit of warmth in Charleston SC or Nags Head NC before winter sets in.
Mary and I have also given much thought to joining a few BAC members for a hop to the Bahamas out of Ft. Pierce KFPR.  This would be a great trip and really show us how sweet it is to travel GA. For this trip we may combine a two day stop on Jekyll Island then head to Fort Pierce. Chris (Photographic Logbook) offered some info on Jekyll that we will take advantage of for our hotel stay and island exploration.
It's a short hop to Ft. Pierce and we'll be fresh for our crossing. Once we are squared away for the Islands we'll load up and go with the thoughts of spending a long four days. Geoff (Family Flying) posted so much info on his trips, I'm sure we'll follow his lead.  He steered us to a great stay in Key West so he's batting 1000.

We're working on a trip to Boston to start off our year of travel.  Mary and I want to catch up with her family and our friends Mike and Kim. I want to fly the Boston airspace with Mike B. If we're lucky we can coordinate with Adam B and his Bride Jeanine and work a visit in too while up north.

At least we started working the numbers and getting some ideas on paper. Frank D (AirDorin) and his wife Bev are also looking to get away at least one weekend a month, it will be fun to catch up with them. Seriously, catching up....I'll need at least a half a day head start on his Twin Comanche.


Geoff Nelson said...

Do it, do it, do it!!!! You will not be disappointed. Let me know what I can do to help.
One quick recommendation from looking at your route; you'll be better off to fly the extra 20-30 mins past Freeport and go to the "Out Islands". Feel free to call me sometime if you'd like.
And Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Gary said...


Thanks! I will be in contact before we head south. I hope we have a few of the BAC members that want to go before Sun-n-Fun.

Hope you and your family enjoyed the Christmas Holiday and had a happy new year start.

Dave Herwig said...

I saw your route has you coming near me, and I can't let you fly through here and not tell you about Pik-N-Pig BBQ. Its a mom and pop BBQ restaurant built at the semi private airport BQ1. You will not be sorry for stopping and having lunch or dinner. But beware, they sell out of some food early. The Airport is a bit tricky for the first time, but nothing i am sure you can't handle. If you go on a Saturday, you will sure to see plenty of fly-ins.. You literally park your plane in front of the restaurant and walk 30 feet, unless its busy! Here is the website


Gary said...


Thanks for the heads up! We are always looking for someplace new to try out. I'm working on this years extended flying vacations and trying to put some plans together. It's always nice to hear about new places and other pilots favorite stops.

Thanks for reading my blog and Thank You for your service. Checking out your blog now.