Sunday, June 26, 2016

Approaches Completed

It's time to fly!
With the new airport hangar and trying to meet pilots, it has been very hard to find a safety pilot, even after two years. I joined the local aviation club but there are only a few who own planes and I don't see any that fly them.

With out sounding weird I can't begin to express how much I miss flying with Mike B.  With our move to Ocean City and his move to Boston we have each struggled finding people to fly with. Thankfully we text each other and call sometimes to discuss flying. I really need to get 08Romeo up to bean town and get us back flying. It's unbelievable but I miss his torture when flight training.

looking across the bay to cape may
still some mist in the fields
With all this in mind I posted on Facebook for a safety pilot, since most of my FB friends are pilots. Once again Bob C came to my rescue. Bob was available this weekend to fly and we spent five hours today knocking out six approaches for me and one for Bob. We also fit in breakfast at Cape May NJ before flying back to KOQN, Brandywine airport.
I got the fan turning on 08Romeo and before the avionics were up and online I noticed my Collins Comm 2 was dead. I switched it on and off and heard faint static and the transmit light would glow every time I keyed the PTT.  I had this radio repaired by Stellar Avionics back in May 2011. Time to send it out again. Today I fly with the Garmin 530 only.
Here are the approaches I did today along with multiple procedure turns, VOR tacking and a hold.

KOQN - VOR-A (2)

I was surprised I didn't have more rust but I flew the needles pretty well and Bob only gave me a few corrections after he intentionally distracted me. I think he's enjoying that part.
busy at cape may
I know we should practice like we fly but I don't review the plate in as great detail as I do in the clag. I'm also not one to review out loud and that's from flying with my Bride who doesn't really want to know, or hear, all that pilot stuff. I will say I do review plates before our flights so I am familiar with procedures and always review the sectional for terrain issues.

As a follow up to the Collins radio issue. I will say muscle memory is a real deal.  I reached for the audio panel multiple times to update AWOS and caught myself flipping the switch for comm 2.

traffic south bound I95
boat traffic along RT90
It felt really good flying today. I miss it, and the weekday hops to keep sharp. I'm looking forward to getting back to the retired life and get-aways with the Bride.
Bob, your plane!
BIG THANKS to Bob C!!  You're the man! You have saved my bacon the last two times I needed a safety pilot. Thanks for being there and I hope I can return the favor.


Chris said...

Looks like a good workout, Gary. I've got lots of time left on my currency, but would love to do some more proficiency work.

Sorry to hear about Comm 2. I keep waiting for my ancient KX-170B #2 to quit, but, at this point, I think it will outlast the GNS-430W. :-)

Glad you were able to meet up with Bob. We'll have to meet you guys again for breakfast one of these days.

Gary said...

I have to say I maybe could have shot a few approaches on my own Saturday once the LIFR lifted a bit. However, its been awhile and I just didn't have the confidence in flying the needles. As Viper said to Mav..."you have a confidence problem".

After knocking out six approaches I have to say I feel really good. If we get some IFR conditions this week and they cancel work, I'm going to fly in some actual.

The age old current vs proficient. I'm feeling much better about being proficient, current is just along for the ride.

AdamB said...

Where's Mike based out of again? OWD?

Feel free to make a connection, if he doesn't mind making the short hop over to LWM to pick me up, I'm happy to fly with him.


Gary said...

Thanks! I forwarded this to his email. I hope I hear from him and that you both can catch up.