Saturday, June 18, 2016

Quick Morning Hop

I wanted to make a quick hop this morning before the air show TFR went active at Ocean City. I treated today like a typical work day morning taking care of the zoo then getting ready to head out the door. I missed sunrise but I was at the airport early enough to catch the sun peak over the tree line.
08Romeo needed fuel but the terminal wasn't open yet. I completed my preflight and then taxied 08Romeo over to the self serve, taking on enough fuel to bring me to forty gallons.
Climbing out of OCMD
I launched off runway two and made a nice steady climb tracking direct to the Waterloo VOR. I even tracked nav two, the Collins, although it was pretty hard to even waste a moment of outside viewing time. At three thousand feet I could see the Salem cooling towers just SE of Wilmington and could see across the bay to Cape May.
My project
As I approached Waterloo I broke off the direct to and picked out my target along SR1. My project is located next door to a Lowes so it's very easy to see. I slowly circled down clearing for traffic then started clicking off pictures. I made a lap or two on station then pointed for home.
Indian River inlet bridge
I made my call at ten miles out and shortly after that call the jump plane asked my position. I updated at seven miles just north of RT 90 and the jump plane acknowledged. I watched him take off runway three-two and climb out to the south. Advising I had the departing traffic and I was now at four miles he doubled clicked to acknowledge.
Heading home, TFR info
Adding the last notch of flaps at five hundred feet and a bit of nose up trim has 08Romeo rolling on the runway with just a bit of a squeak from the mains. Mission complete, time to head home for breakfast!
Jump plane lost its cargo!

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