Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Attended the Foreflight Webinar

Last night I checked into the webinar: Get The Most From ForeFlight, hosted by Sporty's Pilot Shop. It was a good review of the many features ForeFlight offers.

The Webinar description:

ForeFlight, the most popular app for pilots, blends flight planning, charts, aviation weather, airport information, documents, synthetic vision and even a logbook into one complete resource. But like any software, there’s a lot to learn and new features are being added continuously. Spending some time exploring what’s new, the advanced features, and shortcuts can really pay off. This is a great webinar for experienced ForeFlight users looking to go beyond the basics. Join the ForeFlight team for some expert advice on getting the most from your app.

I enjoyed the review and a look at the new features. I liked the ability to invert the map and plate colors for night flying, even though I am not night current (content for a whole new post). There was plenty of info on the new weather features along with tips and tricks for flight planning.
Another feature that has been around for awhile but I never used is the 'pack for the trip'. My thought was that I didn't want to have all the extra files that would eat up memory and slow my iPad down.  After last nights explanation it's my understanding that when the next update cycle is due, whatever you previously 'packed' will not automatically update. Neat thought since I update about twenty plus states at all times, maybe I should just pack for the trip I need.
The 'Pack' feature was also explained in greater detail. This feature packs for the area of your trip, to include, a fifty mile radius along your planned route and a one hundred mile radius around your departure and destination airports. Pack will provide NOTAMs, weather, obstacles, FBO info and fuel prices. Once your in the air its nice to have that info available to review if needed.

I didn't stick around for the full log book feature that was discussed at the end of the presentation. However, one feature noted earlier in the webinar about the logbook was the ability to package your flight plan and pictures for upload to your favorite social media, I thought that was pretty neat.

Overall it was a good review, especially since I've been out of the game the last few months.  As readers of my blog know I'm a buttonology nerd when it comes to the Garmin 530 or the ForeFlight products.

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