Friday, August 04, 2017

Family Visit

The title may be a bit misleading. This is not a quick trip with Mary and I to visit family but a most appreciated visit by my niece Katie, her daughter Brooke and boyfriend Mike. How refreshing, the younger generation comes to visit the "old" folks, it made our day.

Brooke made a best friend in Ziva, and I'm happy to report that when we headed off to bed this evening Ziva had no play left in her, she went straight to her bed, curled up, and was down for the count. Thank-you Brooke.
We had fun catching up and talking horses and pets. Katie loves horses and recently acquired Dream, a beautiful paint that both her and Brooke ride. Mike and I agree it's another feed bill, having owned three horses at one time I know the drill. Mike and Katie also have two dogs, an Australian Shepard and big old man part Great Dane.
Mike and Katie turned us on to a security camera that they can access via the internet and a home wifi connection that also lets you talk to whoever is in the house. Their friend Laura was pet sitting and of course they accessed the voice option to demonstrate and scared the heck out of her. I think I'll be heading to Best Buy and set that up in the house.
We decided to head out for lunch and after many choices decided on the Full Moon Saloon in West Ocean City. The food was very good but it took forever to get out to the table, not typical for one of our favorite places. The fish tacos were very good and Brooke's wings looked yummy too.
Katie, "I'm strong I can do this"
After filling the tummies it was time to fly. Mike wanted some fly time and Brooke sounded like she might and Katie was a no go. Once we tugged 08Romeo out Brooke was a no go, Katie convinced herself to try it and Mike was still all in. Mary and Brooke stayed behind in the SUV enjoying the air conditioning.

flying towards Assateague, south of OXB and OC
I can't remember the last time I had to do a pre-flight briefing. I did explain the exit procedure in case of an emergency landing and the run up process before take off, everything else was a swing and miss. We launched off runway two-zero and climbed out south to overfly Assateague. We were hoping to see some horses but there was nothing but people out on the beach.
RT 50 bridge and the inlet top left
Next we headed up the bay with Ocean City off our right wing. It was a smooth and comfortable flight and my passengers seemed to be enjoying the view. Mike's dad was a pilot so Mike was around planes when he was younger. I asked if he wanted to fly and he said he was happy enjoying the view. I get that. Often when flying with friends I'll just soak up the view, it never gets old.
We made our way north to Bethany Beach and then I turned out over the ocean so Katie and Mike could view the beach as we headed south. Once past RT 90 I turned west across the bay and made our way back to Ocean City Airport. It was busy today, with training aircraft, the jump plane and a few transient aircraft.
As I descended below two thousand feet there were a few bumps. I made my position calls and aligned us for a landing on runway two-zero. I was good passing over the numbers until I went to set 08Romeo down. At the moment the mains should have touched I flattened out and then had a little bounce, adding power to land once again, flat. Ughh...not the way I wanted that to end.
Isle of Wight at RT 90
 We taxied in and secured 08Romeo. My Bride and Brooke were nowhere to be found. Mike quickly added that he was sure Brooke talked Mary into ice cream, no, not without me. As we finished up Mary and Brooke came rolling in, yes, they had ice cream. Mary said they wanted to see us land but as they were heading back to the airport I flew overhead on final, they missed.
Rt 50 bridge and inlet, short final
It was a fun time flying but better yet a welcome visit by my niece. Mary and I really appreciate Katie and Mike thinking of us and taking the time to stop in and visit. They are always welcome here and we hope to see the trio again for some beach time. Mike and I can fly while the ladies beach and he can kick my butt at a round of golf.

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