Saturday, September 09, 2017

Local Coastal Hop

My best friend growing up was John I, way back since our grade school days at St. Mary Magdalen. John and I spent many an after school together writing out pages of the geography book for punishment of some sort handed out by the nuns. John was thought of as another son when he was at my home, to the point my mother would always say I should be more like John...sigh...insert eye roll.
I knew Helene, Johns sister, as a little sister of sorts, and as we grew older we became skating partners. Helene(or 'bird' as we called her)and I always remained friends even though time and distance has taken our lives in different directions. John and I are still friends and sadly time and distance affects our friendship too, I wish we still lived closer. Best part of it is, John or I can pick up the phone and pick up right where we last left off like no time has passed, he is truly a second brother to me. I get distracted reminiscing while I type this I should note that Helene and her husband Dana were in town with friends. We caught up on Facebook and I offered a flight to see the area. The plan was to meet up at the airport terminal and I would drive out to my planes new home, the ramp. :(
I uncovered and answered some questions Dana had asked during my pre-flight.  We all climbed aboard and I did a quick briefing for escape and quiet times except for pointing out traffic, which they both did during the flight.
We took off on runway three-two and circled left to the south, then east headed over the Castaways campground where their friends were staying followed by a turn north up the beach. I shadowed the bay side of Ocean City, Fenwick, Bethany and Rehoboth turning 08Romeo over Lewes and the Ferry Terminal. We swung out over the Delaware Bay to follow the shore line of Cape Henlopen and follow the Atlantic coast south back towards Assateague.

It was a  perfect flying day with great visibility and a chance to spend time with friends. I hope to catch up again when they are back in town.  Thanks for the fun trip today Helene and Dana!

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