Thursday, September 07, 2017

Foreflight Graphical Route Advisor v9.3

I always like to dig into the latest updates from Foreflight. Version 9.3 is now available for download. The following information is taken straight from the Foreflight page as well as their you tube video that details the updates.  
Of course I have to give the new toys a try so I'll plan a trip for Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and check out the graphic representation of the available routes.
I start out at the flight plan page (FPL) and select my start and end points. Next, click on the route button, middle right side.
 All the routes for the proposed flight appear on screen with the text version to the left.  Toggle through each to see what best fits your plan. When you have decided click the 'select route' button. Who the heck is taking that route to Long Island then AVP?
The selected route will load into the FPL screen. 
Next click on the file button, in the FPL screen on the bottom right. Select 'Flights'.
Here you can change your estimated time of departure (ETD), read through your briefing and look closer at the nav log info. When everything is good to go click the 'proceed to file' button, bottom right side of the page.
Here you can select 'next flight'
Add your new destination
Select altitude and routes will populate for your selection. 
Select route and follow the file steps previously used to create the first flight.
Please take the time to watch the Foreflight video, then experiment with your iPad and get familiar with the new features.  There is no better time to learn the buttonology than sitting in your favorite chair, flying along safely, on the ground.


Graphical Route Advisor, Performance-based Step Climb, Flight Notifications

Also in this release: faster basemap, improved terrain, scheduled flight search, weather layer time slider, and more Published on Sep 5, 2017

You can now preview all route options visually on an interactive map with Route Advisor. Simply tap through the list to highlight each route on the map, then tap “Select Route” to add it to your flight plan. An interactive Route Preview map in the Flights view provides a quick visual reference of your route, showing the departure and destination airports overlaid on a simple base map.

There are also enhancements to the flight planning workflow in the Flights view: the Add Next Flight button makes it faster and easier to plan multi-leg flights by carrying forward departure, aircraft details, payload, fuel policy, and more. You can also export your flight plan in the official ICAO format and print, email, share via AirDrop, or save a copy in ForeFlight Documents.



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