Friday, December 29, 2017

Local Air Time

I have had the oil sump and cylinder heaters turned on Zero Eight Romeo for two days now, it was time to get the oil pumping. It's been really cold out and ugly overcast, at least until today. The sun finally showed its face and I took advantage of the preheats on the plane.

Zero Eight Romeo was ready for some flight time and so was I. I checked TFR's and NOTAM's then headed to the airport. Mary has been under the wx, dealing with migraines, but felt a bit better today. With the zoo secure and Mary planning to get up, I decided to get some flight time in and then run errands when I got home.

I took on twenty-five gallons to bring my total to fifty and then disconnected the heaters just prior to tugging the plane out to the ramp. My last to-do items were strip off the warm moving blankets, shut the hangar door, then climb aboard. As I taxied out I did a quick test for the video and called the house via the new audio panel PMA7000M BT. I should have held my position on the taxiway but I was moving along slowly and was clear in each direction.
The Bluetooth works perfect, I dialed the phone from my recent list, hit send and there was my bride, loud and clear. 

The rest of the flight was pretty typical so I'll welcome you to ride along with today's video.

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