Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Time to Fly

Since my work schedule is...well non-existent, I thought I would get some air time today.  The initial plan was to fly to Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania and take care of my parents grave. Sadly, I didn't make the customary memorial day prep or visit this year with everything that was going on with my foot.
After looking at the TAF for KAVP I didn't want to tangle with the gusting high winds or the low ceilings since I am no longer IFR current. Instead, I decided to stay local, explore the coast and then find lunch. Mary wasn't feeling that great and decided to stay in bed to try and shake the start of a migraine that was coming on. I made sure the zoo was squared away then ran a few errands and finally headed to the airport.
I sent a text to my friend Chet but he was just strapping into the dentist chair then getting ready to head to New York for the Holidays. I posted on FaceBook but no takers. Chris (Photographic Logbook) did respond and advised don't head his way they were expecting 50mph wind gusts.

The airport seemed quiet today, off season and almost mid-week. I tugged Zero Eight Romeo out into the sun once my preflight was complete and waited on the fuel truck. I took on seventeen gallons to bring me back to fifty, I was ready to go. I did sump and again found a trace of water in my right tank. This will require monitoring, especially since my plane hasn't been outside overnight since the end of October. 
I launched off of runway three-two and enjoyed the cool temps, climbing out at a thousand feet per minute. I set a course for the Waterloo VOR (ATR) and tracked my way towards Lewes. As I approached I could see the Lowes store and my work site right next door. I took a few pictures then pointed for Cambridge, KCGE.
Delaware Coastal (KGED) was still busy. I decided to steer clear and climbed to four thousand five hundred, watching the bee hive of activity on ADS-B. Once clear of the circus I started my descent for the restricted area (R-4006) with an operational floor of three thousand five hundred. I was flying along at or below three thousand enjoying the view. I traded position reports with a jet inbound for runway three-four at Cambridge. I crossed midfield, entered the left down wind and made a nice long landing for the last taxiway.
As always, Kay's was busy. I ordered a BLT on rye with a cup of chili. The food and service was very good and I enjoyed the company around me, I love to people watch.

I finished up and settled the bill then headed out to Zero Eight Romeo. I made a quick check of the fuel followed by a walk around before climbing in. I forgot to turn the camera on so no take of video. I did get some video heading east for home and managed to capture my landing at Ocean City. A fun day flying and 1.5 hours to add to my flight log.

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