Tuesday, May 28, 2019

GNS 480 Flight Plans

I will start off this post by saying I will miss my FlightStream 210!  Ok, with that out of the way lets address flight planning on the GNS 480.

Todays flight will be from Ocean City, MD (KOXB) to Wilkes-Barre, PA (KAVP). This is a typical mission for Mary and I so it will help me and hopefully help others that may have questions on this legacy unit.

The Plan

 KOXB - ENO - V29 - LVZ - KAVP
I like to use the ForeFlight Web program to put my plan together and save it, which makes it available on my other devices.
First things first, we need to select FPL and then on the following screen select NEW.

On this screen we enter the Origin, in this scenario we'll use Ocean City, KOXB. Then push MENU/ENTER.
Next screen will require a destination, we'll use Wilkes-Barre, PA KAVP.  Then push MENU/ENTER again.
Once the origin and destination are selected the next screen offers two choices, MODIFY or WPT (waypoint). Select WPT and enter the next fix or the entry point for a victor airway. My selection in this case meets both needs, the Smyrna VOR ENO. You guessed it, then push MENU/ENTER.
Once again, scroll to select the entry waypoint ENO and you will have an additional choice, ARWY (airway). Based on my initial Foreflight plan I will select ARWY and scroll through for V29. Yep, then push MENU/ENTER.

Again, the initial Foreflight plan notes the exit point of V29 as the Wilkes-Barre VOR, LVZ. Scroll through the choices, they are in alphabetical order, and select LVZ. As you can see the 480 populates the flight plan with each fix along V29.  Once again, push the MENU/ENTER.
At this point the flight plan is complete. However, we have a discontinuityUse the CRSR to scroll down and CLR this issue.

Discontinuities between two points are a common feature of Flight Management Systems. It is a reminder that you haven't spelled out an IFR route between the two points. If you add an approach to KAVP that uses LVZ in the procedure it will disappear automatically. Since I don't know what approach I will get upon arrival I'll clear it now then add in the approach when assigned.
If you XPND (expand) the flight plan you can scroll through each fix along the route. The airway feature makes programing easy, not as easy as taking advantage of the FlgihtStream 210 one click transfer to the 430/530, but it really is an improvement over those GPS 430/530 units.
I think you will see the versatility of the 480 when it comes to making changes on the go and programing holds, as previously covered on this blog.

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