Saturday, September 05, 2020

North East Flyers - Breakfast

The North East Flyers were meeting up at Katie's in Cambridge Maryland today.  KCGE is just a short hop and one of my favorite places to have breakfast, I was all in from the minute this fly-in was posted.

I headed to airport in time to launch around 9am. The flight was twenty minutes but I wanted to secure a tie down and maybe get some pics of the other planes attending. 

As I let down for the pattern I heard Charles G from New Garden calling base and final, I was maybe five miles out at that point. I ended up making a straight in for runway three-four and despite dodging a Bald Eagle and gusty winds I somehow managed a nice landing. Today's flight was up to my typical pilot procedures.  Having flown not to long ago I felt right at home and didn't miss a beat. 

Me and Jeff
Jeff's Saratoga
Today provided a special treat, a chance to see my friend and fellow pilot Jeff F, from Michigan.  He was at Lancaster, PA to visit family and took them flying. It made my day seeing him and his Saratoga at Cambridge. 

The restaurant wasn't that busy but they had one person waiting tables and one cook on, it made for a long wait. The food was good, once it got there, and the conversation to hold us over was excellent. Bob C, Brett and I talked airplanes, and Bob's passenger Ryan seemed eager to learn to fly.  Ryan is also a Firefighter along with Bob C. 

We sat and chatted for a good bit then decided we should head out to our rides and saddle up for home. I managed a few pics of the planes and then climbed aboard 3 Tango Charlie. 
Bob's C-172 and Brett's C-140

My Commander 112A

I was number one to taxi out and get my run up completed holding short of runway three-four. Bob was number two and Brett third to go. The ride was bumpy below two thousand so I climbed to three. Bob texted me his ride north was bumpy for most of the flight. 
Bob & Brett heading North, I'm heading SE
The ride was smooth going home until once again letting down for the traffic pattern. I was number two for the field and made my calls along the way. Winds were 030/10-G19 so I made my way in for runway two. A bit bumpy but an overall nice landing and roll out to cross runway one-four/three-two and shortcut to the taxiway. Another fun day of flying and meeting up with friends, life is good. 
Allen's Sundowner
Mystery Sierra
As I was leaving the airport I snapped a pic of fellow BAC member Allen's Sundowner and there was a Sierra sitting next to his plane.

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