Friday, April 30, 2021

Annual Inspection, Part II of III

Monday 4/26 - The Annual Resumes 

I am up and out the door by 8 am in order to get to the shop when they open.  The plan is to resume the annual inspection on 3 Tango Charlie. Noticeable traffic this morning but I still make good time, right up until I make a Dunkin Donuts stop. DD was packed, the line wrapped around the building. 

With a hot tea, black, in the cup holder and a croissant with bacon and cheese, I'm back to road warrior mode. I pull up to the shop and Steve rolls in right behind me. 

It was a slower paced day since the Navajo that keeps bumping me had to be run up and checked for refrigerant and a cold AC system check. 3 Tango Charlie got some sunshine while we moved planes around and then everyone went back in the shop and assumed  their previous parking  positions. The Navajo had to be cowled, and with that it should be complete.

The new parts kit
My Commander did see some service, Steve rebuilt shimmy damper, main landing gear doors were reattached and the prop was greased with Aeroshells finest. 
There are two grease fittings for each blade, six total for the Hartzel Top Prop. When adding a few pumps of grease it’s SOP to remove one fitting to relieve potential pressure in the hub. 

Various systems under the rear seat area were checked. The flap motor and the potentiometer that drives the flap position indicator were good, along with all the hydraulic lines for the gear, and the low and high pressure control valves.
Flap motor and pot for the gauge

High and Low pressure control valves for gear
The oil filter that had drained from day one was cut open and examined today.  The oil filter had some carbon residue but the filter fabric portion was clear of carbon and no shiny bits.

I decided to call it a day and bug out for home around 4pm. Traffic was moving well and I made the run in forty minutes. 

Tomorrow the plan is to install the new left Mag and time, then add seven quarts of Phillips oil and the Camguard. This should complete the engine compartment work.  Next up will be pulley and cable inspections along with lubrication. Next the PITOT static slow leak and then the Avionics guy can adjust the Aspen. We will still have airframe lube, elevator AD borescope and the aileron hinge to replace. 
I ordered a torque link kit from Aerodyme and that will be here in two days. I think there is a bit too much play, and the shop wants to look up the specs before committing one way or the other. 

Tuesday 4/27 - The Reassembly 

Ahhh...the breakfast of champions, a hot tea, left over cinnamon bun and an Advil. Ziva is all squared away and back in the bedroom with my bride. They are bonded through their sleep habits and schedules. 

I'm off for the shop just before 8am and plan one quick stop for my "real" breakfast at McD's. Time for an egg Mcnuthin', hashbrowns and orange juice. The morning cinnamon bun was just a wake me up and I have to eat something to take pills. I know, worse then a child.

The Navajo is completed! The owner and his wife picked it up this morning after coming in with their Cessna 172. 3 Tango Charlie is now shuffled back deeper into the hangar taking the Navajos spot. Inspection plates are reinstalled as I follow along behind Steve's inspection and lube procedures. 

Next up is the aileron hinge replacement. First step is to remove the aileron and set it on some foam pads to protect it while Steve works, and I watch. 
Original hinge
Drilling new rivet holes in hinge
Ready to rivet new hinge on aileron
Finished product
The process was to drill out the old rivets and then keep the holes aligned with the cleco clamps. Securing each hole held the hinge in place as each new rivet was replaced and bucked, it was an interesting process to watch and learn.  I have a whole new respect for my friend Adam B that is building an RV10
Next up is removing the interior for cable and pully inspection and lube under the seating area and in the tail of the plane.  Steve can get in there and move around, if I had to do it they would have to call rescue for confined space. I may be able to get in, but not without breaking something on the plane or my body in the process.

Wednesday 4/28 - I can just see the light

My computer work for the side gig is completed, at least as much as I can before heading off to the shop. When I return home this afternoon I'll update the remaining portion of work on quick books. Time to grab something to eat, my Advil, and get on the road.
When I arrived Steve was in the plane finishing up on inspecting the cable tensions for all controls. The numbers are affected by temperature and all of 3 Tango Charlies numbers looked excellent. 
The left Mag was replaced and timed yesterday afternoon, so the to-do list is getting shorter as items are checked off. I cleaned the interior parts of the console and installed the flap inspection covers on both wings. I will deliver the torque link parts tomorrow and they will be installed. 

The plan for the remainder of the day is to find the pitot static leak and get that squared away and then have the Aspen barro adjusted.
One added note, I'm going to need a new muffler, the baffles are shot.  The riser tubes are still good (pictured from the clamps up)and the shroud is good to go. Unfortunately the only shop with one on the shelf is in Canada so I am hunting for more shops that repair existing units. More on this tomorrow. 

Thursday 4/29 - Waiting for parts

I'm going pass on going to the shop today since my torque link parts did not arrive last night. Hopefully today UPS will drop a box off.

The stay at home day works out just fine as we await our new plumbing fixtures to be delivered for our guest bathroom remodel. There are only a few items left to complete and it should be wrapped up by Friday. 

Friday 4/30 - Torque link parts install

Updated price is $70
The parts arrived Thursday night and I am going to deliver them to the shop today. I also have the plumbing contractor coming in around 10am to complete the sink, faucet and toilet hook ups along with the company I work for to finish touch up painting and final clean up. My bride may have to be the inspector today, we shall see how the timing works out. 
I arrived at the shop to drop off the parts and take a look at 3 Tango Charlie. There were interior parts stacked up around the plane, including the panel and instruments. My eyes bugged out when I took a look inside. After I caught my breath and made sure my wallet didn't jump out of my pocket and run away I gave everything a good once over.  Tracking down the Pitot static leak has been a royal pain. There are old brass fittings with some new connections along with old hoses that just fell off the brass. Obviously there was a good bit of original, along with each avionics update spliced in. It was time to clean house and modernize. Pretty much a rip the band-aid off moment.
muffler shroud
The muffler was shipped out for repair so that was a plus. With the muffler out access to the nitrogen and hydraulic fitting made life a bit easier to top the gear off.
Fill fitting is the yellow cap, top of NLG
There is another plane in for annual so that will keep the shop busy until my muffler returns. I hope they get the pitot static lines finished up without a bunch more time involved. One good note, the engine run up, prior to the muffler removal was perfect, and the mag timing was good. 
Torque link kit installed
For now I wait. I am hopeful for a quick return of the muffler and then a call that 3 Tango Charlie is completed.

Stay Tuned for Part III, The Annual Wrap Up

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