Tuesday, May 11, 2021

Currency, Red Bird Full Motion Sim

Red Bird MCX Dual Controls
Since my annual is dragging on, waiting for the muffler to be returned, I decided to try out the new full motion sim at Ocean Aviation. My instrument currency will lapse at the end of the month so why not give the sim a try. I thought I could shoot a few approaches into some of the destinations we have coming up as well as the home field assortment. 

Tuesday 5/11 Ocean Aviation

I had to make a stop at the hangar and pick up our spare headset, just in case.  I actually decided not to use it once in the sim.  The CFI walked me through the set up and equipment then we got to flying. I did three approaches here at Ocean City; RNAV GPS 2, 14 and 32. We then reset for Delaware Coastal and knocked out the RNAv GPS 22 and 4.

When we were inbound for the RNAV GPS 4 the sim had a runaway trim, and I don't think the instructor commanded that action. I stuck it out and somehow held the nose level but you can hear me struggle.  I shut the autopilot off and since my hands were very busy trying not to let us stall I asked for my right seater to pull the breaker. On short final the trim released and I broke out in time to land. 

Overall a fun time for the money spent. I managed 1.7 hours, 5 approaches , a hold and tracking. I'll need one more approach to reset my currency.

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