Friday, September 03, 2021

Breakfast with my Bride

The weather in the mid-Atlantic is absolutely gorgeous for our Labor Day weekend. Humidity gone, rain nowhere to be found, sunshine in abundance.  

Mary wanted to join me for a short breakfast hop to Cambridge, MD - KCGE. I am always happy to have my bride fly with me; we were both excited to get in the air. 

I did need to stick the tanks, and confirm fuel on board 3 Tango Charlie. I thought I had thirty-five gallons left after my last flight but honestly could not remember the exact number. After using the fuel stick I was able to confirm forty-three gallons. No fuel would be needed for the hour round trip.  Saddle up!


I climbed away from ocean city on a 320° heading, and then turned direct CGE.  The ride was smooth, cool, and the view unlimited. I did not video today, instead, I enjoyed my time with my bride. Patuxent approach was quiet as we skirted the north side of the Salisbury Class Delta. I switched com two over to pick up the weather at Cambridge. Winds were 260° at nine knots, making runway three-four my choice.

The on-field restaurant, Katie's, was busy with the one waitress playing hostess and bus boy. Thankfully, everyone was patient. It was nice to just sit and chat with my bride while we watched the many hummingbirds swarm the multiple feeders on the windows. 

Once we finished up we headed back out to the plane to head home. I did a walkaround and then climbed aboard. When we arrived there were only two planes at the tie downs. On departure the front row was full, we had beaten the lunch crowd. 

The return flight was a simple course reversal, again avoiding the Salisbury Class Delta.  As we passed by the north side of the Delta airspace at two thousand six hundred, Patuxent approach called us out as a target for an American Airlines Embraer-145 crossing our path, south to north, at three thousand. The Embraer was cleared to nine thousand and we stayed on our heading and altitude. 

Once clear of the Delta airspace I switched over to CTAF at Ocean City. There were a few calls from Woodbine NJ and zero traffic at the home base. The position calls at ten and five miles went unanswered and I made a nice landing on three-two to end the day.

3 Tango Charlie back in the nest

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