Friday, September 17, 2021

GNS 480 Eliminating the Procedure Turn

Please note, I'm not a CFI, CFII, and I did not sleep at a Holiday Inn last night. My 'How to" videos are based on my experiences only.


In response to a viewer question I put together a short "GPS How To" on eliminating the Procedure Turn (PT) on the approach when not needed, with regard to approach plate notes like this one listed on the RNAV 28 at KOEO. 
On the Garmin GNS 480, once the approach is selected, the SUSP will illuminate when within 1 mile of the PT. At this time press the SUSP button once, and it will eliminate the PT and continue to the initial fix selected. From that point it will turn to fly the next segment (next leg) to the final approach fix (FAF)and then to the runway. 

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