Monday, September 04, 2006

2 Down, 1 To Go

Yep, two hours of the three required to rent the school Piper PA28 are completed. I had a fun lesson today with a lot of slow flight, pushing the limit trying to get it to stall. Not easy, just some buffeting and mush for controls. Four landings in the book today, first one was flat, second was better but displayed my balloon talent :( I had to add a touch of power to make for a smooth return to earth after the balloon but ended up holding the nose off. Landings three and four were both simulated engine outs. First sim engine out was cutting it close that Piper glides like a brick, no, a concrete block. I made a no flap engine out and just got to the numbers, not a bad landing with all that was involved. Last but not least another simulated engine out at 1500' not quite to the approach of 27. I had traffic to the north east, no factor, one that just landed and he called clear, no factor and me. I turned in a bit quicker then the first go round and decided to listen to what my CFI stated, the Piper gets there faster but sinks quicker. Armed with this knowledge I get into a base/final turn then bang in flaps first notch then second, still a bit high but have it made so the last notch, get it to the runway and as I loose speed she settles in. Nice and smooth and an easy taxi to the last turn out.

Time to secure 8LA and unload my stuff. As I button up inside the CFI pushes back and calls for left then right rudder. I roll out an on to the wing having to duck back in to "get the numbers". All secure and my CFI jokes that he must walk around to see if I had broken anything.......I asked was the last three that bad???? He cracks up and says no, not bad.

I have a lesson scheduled Thursday morning to complete the 3 hours required.

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