Thursday, September 28, 2006

First Flight With My Brother...


METAR KILG 271351Z 14005KT 9SM OVC100 18/16 A3003 RMK AO2 SLP168 T01830156

Today was the first flight with my brother Joe. If you have followed my Flight Log you know that our first scheduled flight to Bristol CT., for the Mid Atlantice Little League playoffs was scrubbed due to wx. For this flight I had planned Ocean City, MD, thought about and planned Wilkes Barre, PA and finally decided for his first flight a view of the local area and a quick trip along the Delaware Bay would do the trick. Yes, back to KWWD Cape May. We departed N99 with some clouds in the sky and the WX Briefer noting SCT at 4500 and along the route 6000 but clearing for a great VFR day. SOLD! I liked what I heard and decided it was a go.

I explained some of the pre-flight followed by a briefing once buckled in. We had to wait on two aircraft landing then we departed on 27. I announced departing the area on crosswind to the south and switched frequency to PHL APP. I made two calls and never got a response, very strange since I did get confirmation that we were transmitting prior to our departure. Funny quote of the day..."Wow, there are a lot of pools down there"....I just laughed, every pax has made the same quote as we climb out of N99. I guess I need to sit right seat and check out that view.

Well low and slow was the plan so I held steady at 2800 and passed over the class Delta at KILG making way for the Jersey coast along the Delaware Bay. A bit of bumps but getting smoother as we passed by Bridgeton and had Millville Airport in sight (in the distance). As I pointed out landmarks and chatted about flying in general we had the extreme pleasure of sharing our airspace with a gorgeous Bald Eagle. Mr. Majestic soared along, never getting to close but looking our way and impressing us with his steep bank turns as he broke down and away towards our 8 o' clock. I dialed in the ASOS at KWWD and with winds 210* we made a straight in final for r/w 19. The place was quiet, so quiet I could not even get an airport advisory on unicom.

Again a high approach with a squeaker of a landing and we were clear of 19. We made a stop at operations to visit with the Operations Asst. Manager for New Jersey Airports run by the DRBA and fellow co-worker Tom Berry. A quick "nature" break and a chance for my brother to catch a smoke. We enjoyed the sun as we hung out at the picnic tables near the airside of the terminal. Neither of us really wanted to visit the museum instead we rather get as much air time as possible.

After a nice visit with the Tom, I did a walk around and oil check prior to climbing in 8LA. After a run through the checklists it was Clear prop followed by 8LA coming to life. I asked Joe to keep the door cracked open in order to keep us cool on the taxi out, assuring him we will "button up" for the run up and take off. Run up complete and waiting for a Piper followed by a 1940's Bellanca Cruise Master(file photo on left)to land, we were then ready to go. This baby was sweeeeet, white with red trim and looked new out of the box, what a restoration. Cape may traffic, "Piper 988LA departing runway 19" and we were off. Nice smooth takeoff with a turn to crosswind and downwind giving us a great view of Cape May, Wildwood and Atlantic City in the distance. I announce departing the area to the North on the left downwind for 19. Tom from operations thanks us for the visit and I acknowledge with a thanks for having us in and see you during the work.

Tuning in the DQO VOR I make way for KILG with the plan picking up the MXE VOR as we cross the Delaware River. Nice and smooth on the way home with all the cloud layer having pushed out towards the north east. With the Cooling towers in view it was an easy day for navigation. The hand held GPS unit did not get a lock today, but no biggie as they say, I much rather look out the window and reference the big picture. I enjoy hunting landmarks, it's sort of like driving and knowing each corner building, gas station and local store.

As we crossed the river we felt a little chop which messed up Joe's pictures of the Delaware Memorial Bridges. He did take some nice shots of Wilmington and the Blue Rocks Baseball team stadium.

We easily picked out the Rollins building, and located the little league fields that we coach at. It was a fun flight as I turned for the 45* entry to runway 27 at N99. Ahhhhh...almost forgot, toady was the first time I got to dial in the AWOS at Brandywine, N99. Yep, that's right it's been certified by the FAA and is broadcasting on 121.4, very cool.

As of October 1st Mary and I will be flying the Delaware Flying Club plane at KILG. We were very lucky to find an opening in this club. DFC has only four members and the schedule is pretty much wide open for securing dates to fly. This will open up the chance to do overnight to some of our wish list locations!!

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