Monday, September 11, 2006

3 In The Book....

Today is the anniversary of the World Trade Center attack. I hope everyone takes a few minutes of their time to remember those who lost their life, those who gave their life to help others and to our men and women preserving our freedoms we enjoy here everyday. Thanks from this appreciative AMERICAN!

Thursday September 7, 2006

I completed my last hour of three dual in the Piper this morning, pounding out 8 landings between Chester County and Brandywine. There was some ground fog that covered my landmark airport references, but over all good visibility at all times. I dialed in MXE and headed for home picking up the 54* outbound radial and calling out my 45* entry at 4 miles to downwind 27.

I learned two valuable lessons today. CALL unicom for airport advisory. This will serve two fold, runway and winds along with a simple check that the radio is working. I like to listen as I approach and call in anywhere from 5 to 10 miles out. Well as I approached on a 45* for left downwind 29 at Chester county I had a radio problem. I think I had CTAF on comm 2 but no transmit so I checked my selection and it was comm 2 but still nothing. Now about to call the 4 mile 45* I decide to turn out and correct my problem and then re-enter. I was directed to continue in as the CFI brought comm 2 online. I made the call, even though I was turning downwind and continued on to multiple T&G's.

The second lesson learned was at the point of flaring to land use the electric trim to help with nose up trim and make for a smooth transition. I tried this on a few rounds and it helped. I also liked the 10* of flaps on take off roll followed with adding in the second notch at Vr to jump off the ground. Just a few tid bits for the memory.....

Just returned from vacation so I will keep this short....I had noticed I didn't do a write up for last Thursday.

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