Sunday, October 14, 2007

Cambridge-Dorchester Airport

A great day to be flying!

Mary and I decided we would try "Kays at the Airport" Restaurant located at the approach end of runway 16 at the (CGE) Cambridge-Dorchester Airport - Cambridge, Maryland. We arrived at Wilmington Airport about 9:45 and completed our pre-flight, waiting on Dassault Falcon Jet to top off our tanks. While we waited the Delaware Air National Guard had three Huey's nose to tail come in on runway 27 and head to the Guard ramp. It was an impressive sight and they sure do make a distinctive sound.

Cleared to taxi to runway two seven, we proceed with doors and windows open taking full advantage of the cool breeze. Run up completed we are cleared to take off on runway two seven and directed to proceed on course. I acknowledge and off we go. As we climb through 1200' I am advised of traffic at my 3 o' clock entering a left down wind for runway three two, the aircraft is at pattern altitude 1080'. I spot our in flight company and call out that Archer 679er has the traffic.

We pick up traffic advisories (flight following) with Dover Approach as we cross the C&D canal and make our way south west at 4500'. There is a solid haze the whole way but landmarks and airports are easily visible. Dover hands us off to Potomac Approach and Potomac soon follows suit handing us off to Patuxent. 15 miles (north) out of Cambridge I cancel flight following and descend to 3000'. CGE is busy with traffic which is fun for me but really takes see and avoid to a new level. Runway three four is in use so I plan my entry. I make a second call at 10 miles north east that we are inbound for a full stop, three four, Cambridge. There is traffic departing, a Navion inbound from my 3 o' clock and a Cessna to my 9 o' clock. The Cessna advises that she will overfly midfield and enter a 45* for runway three four at 2500'. I still don't see her so I advise I will overfly midfield at 3500' to reposition for a 45* for down wind three four. I finally spot the Cessna and she advises that she is turning out for spacing. I continue to overfly the field making my way in to a nice landing. I think the taxi to Kays was almost as long as the flight.

We decided on breakfast, Mary had two eggs with fried thick bologna and a monster mug of coffee and I had two eggs with scrapple with this super size mason jar of my favorite, sweet tea (may have been the best). As we placed our order I noticed a gentleman securing his RV and I thought it might be Harvey who works for the DRBA at 33N. Sure enough it was him and I waved as he walked in the restaurant. Mary and I motioned for him to join us and he made his way through the tables to our window seats. What a treat to meet a friend with no prior plan. We all enjoyed the company and the eats. The black twin pictured on the right that Mary clicked off is a Mitsubishi MU-2 (twin-turboprop).

Mary and I got a good look at Harvey's RV and Mary said it sure looks tight in there. I said yeah but they sure are quick! We loved the paint scheme and the entire look of the plane, Harvey did a very nice job on the build. After saying our goodbyes we saddled up for home too. 679er climbed out and to the north east enjoying the cool air as much as we both did. It was a non-eventful trip home with flight following through north of Dover, except for a C-5 that passed over us by a few thousand feet from our 3 to 9 o' clock. I ended the day with a smooth landing at KILG followed by a shorttaxi to put 679er back to bed.

Good company for breakfast and a great day to fly, can it get any better?


Jeffrey said...

Your blog is great Gary! I love reading about your flight adventures. I know Harvey from 33N as well. It sure is a small world! I haven't been to CGE yet but I plan to now. We should get together sometime on one of your weekend adventures.

Gary said...

Mary and I would love to get together, heck any reason to fly works for us!!