Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Project Pilot

GA needs more dreamers!

We need more student pilots. You already know someone who has a dream of learning to fly: a friend in the neighborhood or at work or even a family member. Join ranks with your fellow AOPA members as an
AOPA Project Pilot Mentor and share your passion for flight by encouraging an aspiring pilot to learn to fly.

You are among an important and growing group of AOPA members who are supporting growing General Aviation. Being a Mentor is fun, easy and very rewarding! And, you don't have to be a CFI.

Ready to get started? Mentoring is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step 1 Is As Simple As It Is Important: Get Your Student Flying!Take a flight with someone you know who may want to learn how to fly. Once they are hooked, plan to take him or her to the airport to connect your student with a flight instructor and to schedule their first lesson.

Step 2 Is Just As Simple: Be There For Your StudentAnd that doesn't mean all the time or even a lot of time. A simple check-in with your student every week or two - a little more often at first - is probably all that's needed. Whatever works for you and your student.

Step 3 Is To Just Do What You're Doing: Find New PilotsKeep supporting GA by talking to additional prospects. You'll know who they are: they're the folks you know that are already interested in flying. All they need is little nudge from you to take that all-important first flight.

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