Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Flight Plan for KSBY

Mary and I will be attending the Wicomico Autumn Wine Festival this Sunday. The days events start at 12:30 and the fun continues through 6pm. It's a simple flight plan, Wilmington, DE (KILG) direct to Salisbury, MD (KSBY). Time en-route will be maybe 45 minutes and we will tie down at the Terminal Ramp and meet Mary's cousin Maureen and her husband Dan.

I am the designated pilot not that I like wine anyway, but Mary does enjoy different wines and I do like the winery tours. It's always a fun time to meet with family and a chance to fly makes the day even more special for me. I hear rumors that my Mother-in-law, really Mom to me, may decide to travel by air. I hope she decides to fly, it will be a blast.

More to follow....

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Jeffrey said...

Hey Gary,
Keep a watch out for the TFRs this weekend. It looks like they will be all cleared up on Sunday but on Saturday your flight path would take you right on the edge of one. It looks like President Bush is going to be visiting Mr. Cheney's house this weekend.