Saturday, December 29, 2007

Change of Plans

Mary and I decided to make the short hop to KMTN Martin State, north of Baltimore, Maryland, both wanting to spend the day at the Inner Harbor. We went out to dinner last night with my brother and his wife and asked them to join us. They are finishing up in their house with waynescoat(?) and painting so they took a pass. Our meal was very good at Bertucci's and it was a nice night out. As we were leaving I bumped into friends from the corvette club that I haven't seen in years. It was so nice to see Scott and Lisa. Scott asked if I was still flying and I gave him the update along with our plan for today. It sounds like HE would love to fly but Lisa said she would be screaming the whole time. Of course my lovely Bride chimed in and said that's not a problem we'll unplug her mic from the headset. We both laughed, everyone at their table just had a blank look. I still have to chuckle when I think about it. Obviously I have been a very bad influence on her.

On to today's flight...

Weather pretty much looked like crap in Baltimore this morning and shot our planned early start in the keester. The "plan" was to get into MTN early, rent a car and then do as many attractions at the inner harbor as we could fit in, only taking a break to eat lunch at Phillips. I am not night current so I would plan our return to KILG by 4pm which would have us back ready to depart Martin State around 3pm.

METAR KMTN 291348Z AUTO 00000KT 1/2SM VCTS FG VV005 08/08 A3002
METAR KMTN 291409Z AUTO 00000KT M1/4SM FG VV000 08/08 A3002
METAR KMTN 291430Z AUTO 00000KT 3/4SM VCTS BR VV005 08/08 A3002
METAR KMTN 291451Z AUTO 00000KT 1 1/2SM BR SCT080 09/09 A3002
METAR KMTN 291512Z AUTO 00000KT 3SM BR SCT080 10/10 A3003

SPECI KILG 291303Z 28007KT 10SM SCT010 OVC050 09/08 A2999
METAR KILG 291351Z 28005KT 8SM BKN050 09/08 A3000

The first report was around 9 am and the visibility was a 1/2 mile and fog. It didn't start to clear up until after 10am and at that time it was 3 miles and mist scattered at 8000. We decided not to go and waste the day. Car rental was around $45 a day and since they closed at noon they would tack on the Sunday. One of the taxi company's said they would charge $70 round trip and pick us up on a phone call. I guess what it boils down to is spending that amount and not getting a full day visiting the many attractions. Mary and I will put this hop back on the shelf with the other "day trips"

Mary decided to get her hair done along with a pedicure and manicure, I decided to give my friend John a call and get some fly time in. We met at ILG around 11:30, BS'ed while we uncovered and pre-flighted together. I hope john decides to go after his LSA cert, he would be a natural. We finally climb in and I go through the check-lists for pre-start. I haven't been in the left seat since November 25th, it seems like forever. I dial up Wilmington ground and put Wilmington tower in the standby since I've already listened to the ATIS and noted the info.

me: Wilmington tower Archer 28679er at Red Eagle.
GND: Archer 679er your on Ground
me: Huh, well that's a fine start to my day, ground 679er at Red Eagle with golf, ready to taxi, vfr to the south east for Mike India Victor
GND: 679er, taxi to runway 27 at mike
me: 27 at mike, 679er

METAR KMIV 291654Z AUTO 31009KT 10SM SCT042 OVC065 11/07 A2997

I switched over to the TWR after my run up and was given the cleared for take off. A nice ride to Millville this morning with little turbulence. Millville was a busy place and as always Millville radio tied up the frequency with their endless traffic and wx reports. When I called at 15 out I added with current info and traffic report. Hehehehe Millville radio gave me the double mic click. John and I each laughed knowing we got em. As we turned final I picked up traffic coming head on but to my right who finally got a word in on traffic, alerting he was going missed while doing approaches for ILS runway 10. I held my position and advised I had contact and will remain runway heading. He simply acknowledged and we both continued on. If millville radio would have shut up I would have heard him sooner. See and Avoid, so no harm no foul, plenty of spacing between us.

We ate breakfast at Antino's/Cornerstone and walked out with full tummy's. I chit chatted with Jeff from Big Sky then we saddled up for home. I was going to do a few T&G's but there were 4 aircraft ahead of me for departure and thought best just to make tracks northwest for ILG.

A nice landing at ILG and a turn off on taxiway Mike has us at our tie down and turning to line up. On the money today on a rare right turn from the taxiway. I hooked up the tow bar and pushed 679er straight back and John locked the cable on the tail tie down. Only 1.2 in the book but a fun day in the left seat.

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