Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Places to go, Things to do

Can you tell it's the winter season and the wx has us stuck here on the ground? UGhhhh, Mary even acknowledges I need a flying fix, bad. Since the rain and wind have kept us locked up in the house we have been working on our short list of day trips, if you have been reading along they fall within the "ring of fun" as noted on the flight planning entry.

Day Trips on our short list include:

W05 Gettysburg Regional Airport in Gettysburg, PA to visit the Battlefield and do lunch at The Herr tavern.

Knoebels Amusement Park in Elysburg, PA taking advantage of the close proximity of N79 in Shamokin, PA.

Luray Caverns in Luray, VA, taking advantage of W45 Luray Caverns Airport. I have read some great write-ups about the friendly staff and available transportation to and from the caverns.

We still have Orange County Choppers on the list! A great day trip for some good eats at Rick Runway Cafe located on the field at KMGJ Orange County Airport in Montgomery, N.Y.

Vacations and 4 day get-away's

Some of our 4 day get-away plans include Block Island, Nantucket, Martha's Vineyard, Mid-Coast Maine, Niagara Falls and of course Williamsburg, VA in the spring and Myrtle Beach in the fall. I guess if we have to rank them it would be mid-coast Maine and then Niagara falls. We shall see as spring time gets a bit closer.

Our flying/ fly-in vacation will be to Gaston's White River Resort in Arkansas this June to attend the Pilots Of America event. This should be fun, 830 miles and 7.5 hours of flight time.

We are always looking for new places to visit and interesting things to do. Please feel free to leave a comment with any great stops you have been to or have on your short list of "must see" places.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gary, I enjoy your flight journal. You should give some thought to making Central Florida a great fly away vacation, especially during sun n fun, in April ( ) If the thought of flying into Lakeland itself is not your cup of tea, then basing in the Kissimmee area, and driving into the show is just as fun. My wife Tracy and I have been to Sun N Fun a dozen times in my Mooney, N1159P. We are based at 1N4 Woodbine. Perhaps we will bump into you at Millville sometime.

Gary said...


I haven't given sun n fun much thought. I figured to crowded for my comfort factor with only 160 hours into flying.

I'll check it out, thanks for the link!

Anonymous said...

You're not alone..its a busy place, but consider flying into KISM, with gigantic runways and a tower, 3 FBOS, plenty of cheap hotel rooms and rental cars, even during sun n fun...the drive into sun n fun is only 30 minutes west on I4. We usually head down for the last 3 days of the show, Fri-Sat-Sun, and usually toss in a disney and KSCenter visit. Also, Fantasy of Flight in Polk City, (15 min w of ISM) is also a fantastic drive in attraction. We usually organize a caravan of 2 or 3 planes to make it a group event...lotsa fun. BTW, possibly meeting CapnRon at LNS on 1/11/08 after some avionics work at Avionics, if you can get away that day.