Sunday, December 30, 2007

Cross Country Adventures

As previously posted, Mary and I will be attending the Gaston's Fly in located in Lakeview Arkansas. This trip will be our first true cross-country adventure (830 miles 7.5 hours flight time). This event is scheduled for June 6th through the 8th. I have a tentative flight plan and we are working on a horseback riding adventure and a short flight to Branson, MO for some extra activities. We plan to arrive Thursday June 5th with the main group coming in on Friday.

I have been reading on the forums about Sun-n-Fun in Lakeland Florida. My vacation time would allow for this trip with weeks to spare, Mary on the other hand is building time in her new job. I am considering making the trip either in our plane or catching a ride and splitting expenses with a fellow pilot. As of this entry I have no idea who that might be, so I guess I’m looking for another pilot to join me. Worst case scenario will be to fly into Orlando commercial, rent a car and stay somewhere in the middle of the Lakeland-Orlando commute. There seems to be plenty of rooms still available so that will not be a problem. I am working on Mary trying to lure her with a day at Universal and one at MGM agreeing to only spend a day at Sun n Fun. Also as of this writing, I have no idea if she will attend.

Some of the possible stops along the way could be KJGG in Williamsburg, Virginia for a quick lunch and fuel top off. We could also make our first stop at KLHZ - Franklin County Airport in Louisburg, North Carolina and set up a lunch visit with my cousin Annette and her family. Another great stop and at the limit of my comfort factor (fuel and the need to stretch) would be KCRE Grand Strand Airport in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. The possibilities are endless and that in itself is the best part about General Aviation. Try and change your schedule while flying commercial, It's not going to happen. I must add at this point that the ultimate decision making tool for stops is the capacity of one's bladder not just the fuel on board. More posts to follow as this plan takes shape.

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njpilot911 said...

Add this as a possible place to stay in Kissimmee.
You usually get the best internet rates if you book through the AllEars link...
Of the many, many places I've stayed while visiting Central Florida, the Radisson Parkway has been the best bang for the buck, highly recommend the sleep number rooms, allows for any mattress preference. The places is clean, free internet, great buffet breakfast and at least 3 on site eateries. Its only a few minutes west if KISM on I-192.
As for FBO's at KISM, you can flip a coin between Attractions Jet Center or Kissimee Aviation...Atlantic and Marathon are more geared to the turbine crowd. With Attractions or Kissimmee Aviation it also pays to call ahead by about a month to arrange for your rental car and a parking spot on their busy ramps. Towards the end of the Sun N Fun week, the parking becomes much less of an issue. I've never been turned away with or without reservations however..