Thursday, February 23, 2012

Continued Changes

Progress on the Coach continues. We removed and recovered the bedroom valances. I also went through the coach and removed the "curtain rods" that consisted of these tiny little 'O' rings that slid in a itty bitty channel.  Since every window has a valance we are going to switch to tension rods, simple and easy.
old valance and broken lamp shade

Valance recovered, lamps shades trashed

BR - left view

BR right view
I am going to get a few items done Thursday and Friday night with the curtain hanging party on Sunday.  We will be moving items into the Coach over the weekend. Are we at the beach yet?


Steve said...

Lookin good!

Gary said...

It's getting there! Adding an electric fireplace to save on propane heat and an additional HDTV for the bedroom. We picked up a 19" Visio.

Rustedgranny said...

I love your story of picking up The Sand Castle. She is a beauty. How I envy your skills at upgrading, remodeling and maintaining her. Know how it feels to be moving all that size and length - all roads seem smaller!

Gary said...

Thanks RG!

We are getting excited to park the beast at the beach. Mary's health has presented a few bumps in the road but we are working through this. It will be nice to get-away at the beach and leave work and Wilmington behind as often as possible.